Celebrating #OurHeritage with Heritage1933's Beauty Box

With the new year finally here the Curlfluence team is so excited to be partnering up with Heritage1933 for the latest #OurHeritage campaign! If you aren't familiar with this awesome brand, Heritage1933 is a natural beauty beauty company that challenges the narrow perception of beauty. Their mission focuses on celebrating natural beauty while helping women and children in need. Their products are formulated with natural ingredients and they stand behind not using any toxic additives. 

Lets jump into the box shall we!

When I first took a look in the box Self Care instantly popped into my head. It is chock-full of beauty goodies that are perfect for the days when you want to relax, unwind, and pamper yourself after a long week. The contents of the box include:

Ms. Know it All Whipped Hair & Body Moisturizing Butter 
Purity Clay Mask
O.M.G Seal & Moisturizing Oil
But First, Coffee Exfoliating Coffee Scrub

The Ms. Know It All is a fluffy whipped butter that glides smoothly on the skin. I love how it gives a nice sheen when applied and is perfect for the colder months. This butter can also be used on your hair as well when completing your LOC or LCO method.

The Purity Clay Mask does just as the name states. It purifies the skin as it serves a detoxing method. It comes in a powder form and just needs to be mixed with water (or Apple Cider Vinegar if you're fancy) to turn into a thick consistency. I usually mask while completing other tasks (or watching a YouTube video) and sure to leave it on for about 15 minutes or so. This will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean! It also can be used on your hair ya'll; multipurpose for the win.

But First, Coffee Exfoliating Scrub is bomb! I love using scrubs as they get rid of your dead skin and reveals smooth, healthy skin from underneath. I only use scrubs on my body as of now since my face is pretty sensitive but this does the job of reviving the skin.

O.M.G Seal and Moisturizing Oil is an oil free of parabens and instead as wonderful essential oils such as olive oil and jojoba oil (one of my fave!). This can be used directly on your scalp or as a sealant on wash days either after or before adding your cream. I love the spin top for accurate precision and the smooth feeling of it.

When first checking the products out I couldn't get over the bomb packaging! This company not only stands behind a great cause but they also provide quality items that are good for the hair, body, and mind for that matter. Celebrating my heritage has been made easy thanks to Heritage1933!

Be sure to visit Curlfluence.com for more product reviews, hair/beauty information, and content geared towards women of color! 


Why You Need to Listen to Podcasts in 2018

With the new year quickly approaching I'm sure you all are creating your goals and resolutions that you are looking to accomplish. I'm currently doing the same and I've been finding myself needing a daily dose of inspiration and information while I go throughout this process. Let me tell ya'll - Podcasts have been giving me LIFE. I'm all about watching a good video or reading an informative article, but there is just something about listening to stories or being provided with tips while I'm on the go that has really helped me this last quarter of the year specifically.

I've really been focused on self development this year and I think that starts with being intentional with what you listen to and who you surround yourself with. I can say since taking out the time to listen to certain podcasts, I've been more motivated, focused, and inspired to complete what God has set for me. Being provided with insight on being a black woman entrepreneur from the Black Girl Boss Podcast to getting business/life advice from the Myliek Taught You Podcast, I can definitely say I've ended 2017 on a pretty good note mentally.

I totally recommend browsing through iTunes or Soundcloud to search for a Podcast that you can relate to. I love that I can listen to these episodes while handing business or completing tasks and not being distracting since it isn't a video. Whether it's about faith, business, or current topics; I really feel like you can low key level up this new year with what you learn from these individuals. I'll be sure to share any new Podcasts I start listening to within the upcoming weeks and if you find any that you love be sure to share them with me below!

5 Unique Gift Ideas for a Lady Boss

Today's post is a contribution from guest writer Amy Mia Goldsmith. The lovely Amy Mia shares 5 Unique Gift Ideas for a Lady Boss.

It seems as if only yesterday we were all hyped up about Halloween, whereas now we’re all waiting for Thanksgiving. In a blink of an eye, we’ll be all about the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve parties, our heads filled with gift and outfit ideas. Buying gifts is always challenging, especially when you want to buy something fun, meaningful, and useful at the same time. Read on to discover five great gift ideas for lady boss in your life.

1. Digital Photo Frame

Women entrepreneurs work hard, anyone will tell you that, as they struggle to make their dreams come true and prove to both themselves and the world that they can achieve anything. Sometimes, they work so hard that they lose motivation and feel too tired to keep on fighting. This is where you step in with your great gift: a digital photo frame. It’s an amazing gadget that’s useful and elegant at the same time. You can upload photos of all those who support you and believe in you, and you can keep it on your desk, so you can be reminded of all the reasons why you try so hard.

2. A Planner

There doesn’t seem to be enough sticky notes in this world to write down all the things that need to be done by Friday or Monday. Your boss probably already has a planner, but it’s also likely to be filled with papers, ideas, and sticky notes. A nice planner is something every hard-working person needs, and being in a position of power, you boss will appreciate a personalized one. Try adding custom made planner charms, dashboards, and dividers which will help her stay organized even when things get hectic.

3. Texting Gloves

The holiday season means another thing: cold weather! Windy, snowy, or rainy, November and December always make us take out our coats, scarves, and gloves. The downside of this is being unable to use your phone until you take your gloves off. As a hard-working lady, your boss is probably always on her phone, and will much appreciate simple texting gloves. Staying warm and in touch has never been this easy – there are many great touch screen gloves on the market, from cashmere lined ones from Bloomingdale’s to double-layered knit ones from Moshi.

4. Workout Gear

If your boss is mad about fitness, a healthy lifestyle, and the gym, workout gear is an ideal gift for her. Gym rats always have their gym bag stashed somewhere in their office, seeing as going to the gym is always on their to-do list. They either walk into the office straight from their morning workout session, use their lunch break to hit the gym, or they like to end their long day by sweating the stress out in a yoga class. A nice pair of active pants or shorts, a form-fitting tank, or even a new pair of running shoes will certainly make their day.

5. Portable Charger

We already emphasized the importance of smart phones in every entrepreneur’s life, but that also means that their phone batteries may not be doing so well. For anyone who travels a lot or uses their phone a lot, a portable charger is a great gift. An emergency charger for all electronic devices, small enough to fit into any bag, or stylish enough to be worn (think phone charging wallet or even a phone charging purse), these little gadgets are lifesavers and are incredibly useful.

With the holiday season just around the corner, you will remember exactly how hard it is to find the perfect gift for anyone, especially a lady entrepreneur. Luckily, these simple ideas will help you pick the right gift – unique, wonderful, and incredibly useful at the same time. Giving gifts such as these is a great way to show those very busy women in your life that you really appreciate and understand them, and that is something everyone needs to know.

Thank you Amy Mia for sharing these fab gift ideas! Be sure to check out her contributions to highstylife and follow her on Twitter @GoldsmithMia

Fall Fashion Edit: Olive Green Cargo Pants

If you've taken a look at any of my fashion posts here on the blog then you know that I love keeping up with the latest fashion trends. It can be difficult keeping track as seasons and trends are constantly changing, especially within the realm of clothing and accessories. So I've decided to simplify it for my busy fashionistas and provide you all with my Fall Fashion Edit series. This series will spotlight key pieces that are trending this season as well as style inspiration for what I've featured. You can click here to view my first Fall Fashion Trend Edit featuring the Black Leather Skirt.

So lets get into the featured trend today: Olive Green Cargo Pants. Ya'll. These pants are everything! I love how edgy and chic these cargos are, coupled with their olive green color. They pair perfectly with heeled boots and can easily be dressed up or down.

I purchased these cargo pants from a store called Edge by KS but you can check them out on Know Style's website. You'll be seeing this trend in many street style looks so be sure to cop a pair and show how you style it!

One Piece Every Stylish Entrepreneur Needs in Her Closet

Being an avid lover of fashion and a part time girl boss, I'm always in the mood to find trendy yet business appropriate attire to add to my wardrobe. Whether attending a meeting with a Curlfluence client or headed to brunch with an associate, I always try to ensure that my style game is on point. I can definitely say that lately I've been gravitating towards one piece specifically and that is the flared trouser!

We all know that trousers are a staple in every business professionals wardrobe, but the flared aspect adds the perfect stylish touch and highly recommended! I currently have 3 flared trousers to date in the colors white, burgundy, and navy blue (which is shown in this post). I would recommended purchasing at least one pair in blue or black to get started. Not only are they versatile colors but they are neutral which works perfectly while working.

To all of my stylish entrepreneurs trust me when I say you need trousers such as these in your life! I purchased these from Forever21 but you can find them at other retail stores such as H&M and online shops like Missguided. Your wardrobe will thank you later!