One Piece Every Stylish Entrepreneur Needs in Her Closet

Being an avid lover of fashion and a part time girl boss, I'm always in the mood to find trendy yet business appropriate attire to add to my wardrobe. Whether attending a meeting with a Curlfluence client or headed to brunch with an associate, I always try to ensure that my style game is on point. I can definitely say that lately I've been gravitating towards one piece specifically and that is the flared trouser!

We all know that trousers are a staple in every business professionals wardrobe, but the flared aspect adds the perfect stylish touch and highly recommended! I currently have 3 flared trousers to date in the colors white, burgundy, and navy blue (which is shown in this post). I would recommended purchasing at least one pair in blue or black to get started. Not only are they versatile colors but they are neutral which works perfectly while working.

To all of my stylish entrepreneurs trust me when I say you need trousers such as these in your life! I purchased these from Forever21 but you can find them at other retail stores such as H&M and online shops like Missguided. Your wardrobe will thank you later!

The Inside Scoop on Curlfluence

Let me start off by saying I absolutely love platforms that educate, empower, and connect individuals who have a love for a particular passion of theirs - especially if it is in within the realm of content creation. If you aren't familiar with Curlfluence, it serves a space where women of color and brands meet. It is a product discovery platform that connects women of color bloggers/influencers with brands who create products for us. Being a black woman, it can be difficult to find larger platforms that genuinely showcase content we create and provide opportunities for us to grow our online platforms. That is exactly one of the reasons why Curlfluence was born. 

Over at Curlfluence not only do we have campaigns that give influencers/bloggers the opportunity to receive complimentary products to review/create content but we also provide digital media services to brands. Being a blogger and brand owner, I completely understand the importance of having your brand properly marketed to your target audience. This is why Curlfluence is so near and dear to our hearts because we're able to help all types of influencers (both micro and macro) as well as brands that range from small to large! Having the opportunity to positively impact as well as make a difference is what it's all about ya'll. 

On the Curlfluence team I current serve as the Editor-in-cheif of the website as well as one of the early starters on the team. I lead more on the creative side (which is right up my ally) when we partner with brands and assist on the digital marketing side. Through this platform I'm able to gain a unique perspective because we speak to a ton of brands on a daily basis so I'm able to learn their likes, dislikes, and what they're dealing with on the marketing side of their business - especially influencer marketing. We're currently in the phase where we're building out our platform to directly reach various influencers both in the United States and overseas as well as provide them with more opportunities to create content and connect with these brands.

Whats next for Curlfluence you may ask? One of our main goals is to create events that empower, educate, and connect women of color influencers. We actually have an event in collaboration with Black Bloggers United on Saturday November 11th entitled Influence 101: Connecting Bloggers and Brands. This event will serve as an opportunity to learn directly from ourselves, Nadja founder of Femme Noire, and blogger Meyhgin from Meeting with Megs about working with brands/influencers. I'm so excited because not only has the event sold out but we'll be able connect offline for the first time! Be sure to stay tuned because you know I'll have an event recap for my Modernly Michelle fam. 

If you're a blogger/influencer looking for more opportunities to work with brands and create content click here to sign up to become a Curlfluencer! One misconception people tend to have is that they believe that our platform is only for natural hair influencers which isn't the case ya'll! We work with various brands from beauty to wellness, so there is a seat for everyone at the table. Also, we're always looking for new writers for our website so if you have a love for these topics we would love to have you join our team! You can click here to connect with us on that scope. 

I'll be sure to update you all on any Curlfluence happenings so be sure to stay tuned!

Best Fall/Winter Lipsticks for Women of Color

Lately I've been engrossed with all things fall, beauty products included. During the summer I primarily wore nude lipsticks and glosses but now that we've entered this time of the year I've been gravitating towards deeper shades. Your girl is definitely here for a deep, vampy lip so you know I'll be incorporating them into my upcoming looks that I feature here on Modernly Michelle. 

These four shades in particular have been added to my top of the list as the absolute best Fall/Winter lippies for women of color. I love love love the pigmentation, color, and application that each of these lipsticks provide and can attest to the fact that they look beautiful on women of darker skin complexions. 

Left to Right: NYX Lip Lingerie in 'Beauty Mark' / Dose of Colors Desi x Katy Liquid Lipstick in 'Savage' / Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipstick in 'Brandy' / Anastasia Beverly Hills in 'Potion' 

Lets quickly get into the details as to why these are top rated in my book:

NYX Lip Lingerie in Beauty Mark: As I stated previously, I basically rocked nude lipsticks and glosses all summer long so I had to find a pretty good shade that I could substitute for my nudes in the fall/winter. This NYX lippie is perfect because it is a muted brown, nude-y shade that also looks great when I create an ombre by adding another nude lipstick in the center. The applicator and the creamy texture that NYX formulated is awesome as well.

Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick Desi x Katy in Savage: Ya'll this color is bomb dot com! Not only is the deep plum shade to die for but the formulation is like none other. I've always heard people rave about Dose of Color's formula and after trying it for myself I can cosign that it is everything. It is more on the mousy side so it makes precise application pretty easy. This color also compliments darker skin complexions perfectly!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipstick in Brandy: I picked this up recently during Ulta's 20% off sale as I was in need of a new burgundy lipstick. To be honest, I hadn't purchased an actual lipstick (not liquid lipstick) since way back when MAC ruled the beauty world. I also heard great reviews on Anastasia's new lipstick line so I thought why not give it a chance. I'm so glad I did because I'm loving it! It is a more on the brown-burgundy side which we all know is a win for women of color.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Potion: If you're looking for a very vampy, deep purple color then your girl has got you covered. I already have looks in my head that will go perfectly with this shade so be sure to stay tuned to see this color in action. I'm an avid lover of the quality and packaging of Anastasia's products and this one doesn't disappoint. This shade is will look great with outfits during the winter as well.

Dose of Colors Desi x Katy Lipstick in 'Savage' Pictured Above
What are your favorite shades that you'll be rocking this fall and winter season? Let me know below!

Fall Fashion Edit: Black is the New Black

Being that fall is my favorite season of the year, I've found myself absolutely relishing because I'm now able to experience an actual autumn here in Georgia. My fellow Florida gals understand the struggle of only seeing green leaves on the trees all year round. I've also decided what not a better way to kick off this season then by showcasing my favorite pieces that I would highly recommend every fashionista add and incorporate into their fall fashion wardrobe. The pieces I'll be sharing are also essential because they can be worn for seasons to come (Trendy + Staples = A Win-Win!).

Through this all black outfit I'm featuring today, I'm able to introduce three of my top rated pieces for the fall season all at once. This includes the long sleeve turtle neck, faux leather skirt, and thigh high boots. Not only do these pieces tie together perfectly, but sporting them in an all black outfit cam elevate the chic appeal. They are also easily interchangeable and if you're anything like me you understand the importance of being able to take one piece and produce various bomb looks.

Shop my look below:

Now lets quickly address the elephant in the room. Lately I've been hearing people bring up various colors and state that they're actually the new black and I'm here to say heck no to those statements! As an avid wearer of the color black I can definitely attest to it being a staple but the perfect way to make a statement without doing the most. Black is most definitely the new black. How about that? (haha!) 

My Go To Fall Twist Out Featuring My Fluffy Puffs

When I big chopped at the beginning of this year I was so excited to finally be starting my journey of being fully natural. Little did I know I had to learn exactly which products my hair liked and what regimen worked best for me. I can admit that after I found my regimen I stuck to it to a T but recently I've decided to incorporate new products and test them out to see how they preform. This bomb twist out today was courtesy of My Fluffy Puffs and their Twist Frosting with Biotin that I absolutely love.

The My Fluffy Puffs Twist Frosting with Biotin is perfect for those who are looking for a product that isn't filled with any harsh ingredients and are looking for maximum curl definition. It's key ingredients are Rose Hip, Avocado, Jojoba, and Pomegranate which aid in penetrating the hair strands and providing moisture. Whether you're bantu knotting it out or completing a braid out, this cream is the perfect thick consistency that doesn't weigh your down your tresses. 

My hair is typically braided since I'm always protective styling so I opted for a twist out hair style instead. To achieve this look I two strand twisted my hair with the frosting and added perm rods to the ends of the twists in the front for extra definition. I slept with them overnight and removed them the next morning being careful not to completely separate each twist to avoid frizz. This fall/winter season I've decided that I'll be sporting my natural hair more often and I can say that this product was been added to the top of my list as soon as I unraveled the first twist! Not only does my hair feel very soft but it also has the perfect amount of shine.

Be sure to visit My Fluffy Puffs to check out their full product line and head over to Curlfluence for more product reviews and recommendations if you're looking to incorporate new products into your regimen!