3 Things Entrepreneurship Has Taught Me

One of the most rewarding yet overwhelming aspects of my life definitely has to be being an entrepreneur. From the hours (and I mean hours) of work to having to juggle multiple tasks, I can say that there is a lot that goes into having your own business. While being a girl boss isn't easy, especially owning a service based business in a field that is constantly changing (We own a marketing + content creation business), it surely is rewarding. Today I'm bringing you 3 things I've learned since becoming an entrepreneur and I hope it will benefit you all!

1. Creating a Routine is Crucial

Ya'll this is the TRUTH. One big piece of owning your own business is actually being effective in the services and/or products you provide. Without creating a set schedule for yourself you'll probably find yourself behind on work and overwhelmed with your load. Just as you have set times at a regular job it is important to give yourself a schedule for your business. Whether it's kick starting the day drinking tea and reading a magazine or setting out 2 hours out of your day after your full time job to dedicate to your business, creating a routine will eventually become second nature. If you work on your business full time, this also should include setting a time for you to have lunch and/or break. Since I balance quite a few different clients in our business, I dedicate time blocks to particular clients and only work on content for their brand. This not only keeps me organized but I'm definitely more effective and focused. 

2. Learning from Your Mistakes is Key

Guess what? We're human, which of course means that naturally we all make mistakes. No one is perfect (in life period) but I have learned that since being an entrepreneur it is important to learn from each and every mistake. Instead of spending time dwelling on what you did wrong, take out the time to determine how to make the situation right and how you can avoid one like it in the future. I learned early in owning our business that you have to own up to the mishaps that may happen, even those that aren't in your control.

3. You Can't do Everything in Your Business 

I can admit that it took me a little bit to get hip to this one here. Since we own a creative service based business, in the very beginning I found myself wanting to do all of the work since it is of course my passion. One thing that I learned is that in order to grow your business you need to focus on expansion and outsourcing tasks. If all of your time goes into your brand you'll quickly find yourself spread way too thin and not as effective. Adding on additional members to our team not only helped our work flow but also took our business to the next level!

I enjoyed providing insight to you all and I hope this helps you all in your business endeavors!

How To Prepare Your Body For Spring

Today's post is a contribution from guest writer Amy Mia Goldsmith. She Shares 8 tips on how to prepare your body for spring. 

Fresh, blooming, and vibrant – spring is the loveliest season that makes us feel awake after a long, dormant winter. Everything around us looks lively and colorful, and the burst of energy we get motivates us to get things done, revise all our New Year’s resolutions and get our plans back on track. Have you promised yourself you’ll work on your body? Well, if you have, now would be the time to revise your goals and think of a new strategy. Use the positive atmosphere of spring to inspire yourself, and let us give you some tips on how to get your body ready for the warm months!

1. Start with Healthy Food

There is simply no way to be healthy if all you ever eat is junk food and snacks, and if you feel tired, achy, and grumpy all the time, it’s possible that your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs. Spring is a great time to start eating better because there’ so much fresh produce on the markets and you can cook with more ease. We recommend that you start switching to an organic lifestyle if possible and really commit to feeding your body with quality food. To make this easier, you can prepare meals in advance, and you can get a slow cooker – they’re very easy to use. Chop some veggies and some meat in the evening, leave it overnight, and you’ll wake up to a fresh, healthy meal!

2. More Sunscreen

This is really important, especially if you spend a lot of time outside. Regardless of your skin tone, you need sunscreen, especially when it’s sunny outside. Protect your face, your arms, and the back of your neck with a thick layer of sunscreen and you’ll avoid premature wrinkles.

3. Go on a Bike Ride

The weather is just too beautiful to stay cooped up inside. So, why not grab a bike and go cycling? You could go alone or invite a friend and ride together as you let your body fill up with fresh air and your legs shape up while you have fun. Cycling is immensely beneficial for our cardiovascular health, so we recommend that you do it at least once a week to get all the benefits. 

4. Time to Hit the Gym with Full Force

If you want to prep your body for summer, spring is the time to start! Going to the gym is a great way to slim down, tone your body, and simply start feeling stronger and healthier. To make it really effective, it’s important to be consistent. Do everything to inspire yourself to keep coming back regularly – wear cute gym clothes, write every gym day down in your schedule, make a long-term plan, find a fitness instructor and make tasty shakes to recharge you after a workout. Shakes are particularly important because nutrition is very much related to exercise, and mixing up a shake with fruits and a good protein powder can help you replenish your strength. It will also help your body burn fat faster and build more muscle, so you’ll be toned all over. 

5. Visit a Skin Clinic

Treat yourself! Book an appointment with your aesthetician and have them rejuvenate your face with microdermabrasion or a chemical peel. You can also try laser hair removal. This is a good time to have it done if you want to be ready for summer. 

6. At-Home Pampering

Pick a day where you have some free time in the evening, and use it as a spa day. Do a full-body scrub with a dry brush (right before you shower), and have a long, luxurious bath. Put some Epsom salts and olive oil in it to really feel like a goddess. Relax and enjoy some facial masks as you lounge in the bath, letting the hot water soothe your body.

7. Mind Decluttering

All those worries on your mind that are not letting you sleep? Write them down in a journal. Do it right before bed, then close the journal and leave them there. Another thing that can help is meditation – even if it’s only 5 minutes long. Settle down, close your eyes, and focus on your breath until your mind clears and the tension eases. 

8. Social Media Detox

We often forget that the world won’t crash and burn if we don’t check our Twitter feed for a day. Forget your phone at home one day and go outside. Spend the whole time looking at people and talking to them instead of pausing to show them a funny video or read the comments on your Facebook post. Get away from social media drama and look at the world around you.

Enjoyed our tips? Spring is a good time to remember how important our own health is, and how no one will take care of it unless we do. Treat your body kindly and work to make yourself feel good because there’s nothing better than being full of energy, motivation, and self-confidence. 

Thank you Amy Mia for sharing these great tips! Be sure to check out her contributions to highstylife and follow her on Twitter @GoldsmithMia

5 Travel Tips for the Millennial Girl On the Go

Today's post contribution is from guest writer (and my bestie) Dana Belfleur! Dana is an avid traveler and shares her top travel tips for millennial girl on the go. 

Hi lovelies,

After what felt like the coldest winter ever, it is finally spring. As the seasons change and we swap out our winter coats for off the shoulder tops, now is the time to start planning summer vacations. Once you’ve booked your flight to the Caribbean, check out these 5 tips that will help you smoothly navigate a busy airport and those pesky, sometimes uncomfortable flights. Bikinis and pina coladas, here we come!

1. Apply for TSA Pre✓®

The part I dread the most at the airport isn’t the long lines (even though that’s no fun either), it’s the part where I have to take off my shoes, jacket, accessories and then remove my liquids, work and personal laptop from my bag. In order to skip this process, I applied for TSA Pre✓®. The cost is $85 for 5 years (which is not a bad deal at all). To sign up all you have to do is fill out a 5-minute online application, followed by a 10 minute in-person “interview” where they process your fingerprints. A few weeks later, if approved, you’ll get your Known Traveler Number aka KTN and voila! Did I mention it’s $85 for 5 years? If you fly domestic pretty often, it is definitely worth it. If you spend more time flying internationally, be sure to check out Global Entry. It’s only $15 more and includes TSA Pre✓® clearance.

If you hate lines, save yourself the trouble and check in online 24 hours before your flight. Usually, the airline will email you a reminder to do so. Once you’ve checked in, email the boarding pass to yourself and from your email, download it and add it to your wallet (iOS users) or wallet passes (free app for android users). When you get to the airport, just have your license/passport ready along with your phone and you can head straight to security. Don’t be the friend that has to head to the check-in line or kiosk because you forgot to check in online the night before.

2. Check in Online

If you hate lines, save yourself the trouble and check in online 24 hours before your flight. Usually, the airline will email you a reminder to do so. Once you’ve checked in, email the boarding pass to yourself and from your email, download it and add it to your wallet (iOS users) or wallet passes (free app for android users). When you get to the airport, just have your license/passport ready along with your phone and you can head straight to security. Don’t be the friend that has to head to the check-in line or kiosk because you forgot to check in online the night before.

3. Pack Light

Trust me, it is practically an art to be able to pack light and still “pop out” for the gram. For those of you who are able to do that, you can save about $25 each way AND time at the airport because you can skip the check in line (see tip #2) and go straight to the security line. Besides, its vacation. The only things you need are shorts, tank tops, dresses, bathing suits and sunscreen. Don’t take your entire shoe closet with you, lovelies. 

4. Comfort

If you’re like me and fly economy as opposed to business class, then it is up to you to make your flight comfortable. Pack the following items and you will be good to go:

A small $5 blanket
Some fuzzy socks 
A Neck pillow
A sleeping mask. 

Pro-Tip: You can also save money and eat something you actually enjoy by packing your own snacks and food. While drinks are not allowed past airport security, you are free to bring food! I may or may not have been the passenger that brought and ate baked barbecue chicken and mac and cheese on a flight…

5. Entertainment 

Unfortunately, there aren’t many airline companies that offer in-flight entertainment anymore. The days of small TV screens and countless movie selections are long gone. To combat this, be sure to charge your laptop, tablet/iPad and phone prior to your flight. Bring a good book. Create a playlist on your phone that does not require Wi-Fi. Download TV shows and movies on to one of your devices. 

Pro-Tip: pack your phone charger in your personal bag so that you can charge your phone on your laptop if there aren’t any outlets on the flight. 

*Bonus Tip: when possible, fly with the same carrier. This will allow you to gain miles with every flight. Who knows, if you fly enough, one of these days, you’ll be able to pay for your summer vacation with the miles you’ve earned! 

Me in while studying abroad in Madrid, Spain

Thank you Dana for sharing these awesome travel tips! Be sure to check Dana and any of her adventures out by following her on Instagram @ItsDanaBee.

Women's EntreprenuHERs Brunch 2018 Event Recap + Interviews

On Saturday, March 17th I had the honor of attending the 3rd annual EntreprenuHERs brunch that was held here in Atlanta, GA. The EntreprenuHERs brunch is an event that caters to female entrepreneurs as well as those who aspire to becoming entrepreneurs. During this event guests are able to network with one another, get educated, and leave inspired with all of the knowledge that they were provided with. From the awesome, insightful panelists to the eager to learn guests that filled the room, I can confidently say that after attending this brunch not only did the attendees leave empowered but also extremely motivated by the panelists through their stories and insight (I know I did!)

To kick off the event, singer Rae (also known as RaeMuze) blessed our ears with a gospel song. Not only did this set the tone for the event but beginning with a musical performance captured hearts immediately. After chatting with Rae I actually learned that she got started with singing after her uncle handed her a mic and told her that he felt like she could sing. She later determined her passion for singing through God and being able to sing in church pushed her even further in her endeavors. With Beyonce as her inspiration, Rae aspires to have a selfless career where she ensures that her fans are a top priority. 

We were then allowed to grab our meals that was catered by Chef Renee (which was absolutely bomb!) and for VIP guests it included bottomless mimosas (win-win girl). The event went into a networking portion shortly after where guests were able to learn more about each other and their businesses. With networking being an important aspect in business it was great seeing the ladies swap business cards & share what they were up to in the realm of entrepreneurship. 

The second portion of the event started off with a Q&A directed to the lovely panelists.The panelists for the brunch included:

Lindsey Walker, Founder of WAMG + PR Girls Do it Better
Tara Gates Anderson, Celebrity Interviewer + Media and Branding Expert
Milan Mobley, CEO of Umanagement + founder of the Women's EntreprenuHERs Brunch
Nicolby Clay, Hairstylist (including Celebrity) and founder of Royal Romance Hair Co. 

Let me first start off by saying that it is so crucial to surround yourself with individuals who have the same aspirations to excel in business as you do. Not only did these ladies provided tons of insightful information, they also shared what they learned on their journey of entrepreneurship. As a publicist, Lindsey's advice for those looking to work with others (or when building clientele), is to ensure that your personalities will match before doing business. Avoid trying to partner with people just because of social media or what you think they can do for you, but instead make sure that both of your brands will match. This will save future headaches down the line!

For those who are building your business, celebrity interviewer/branding expert Tara G. Anderson advises that you perfect your operation and have a plan. With consistency being a key focal point, also make sure that you understand what your added value is within your market. The EntreprenuHERS brunch founder herself Milan pointed out that delivering an experience for your consumer is key. You want to make sure that regardless of what happens, you ensure that they are provided the best service you can. Finally, hairstylist Nicolby shared that its best to start where you are and keep going/growing. With business a lot of it is trial and error so you have to make sure that you don't give up along the way. Be sure to go the extra mile & push through! 


I was also able to have a one on one with a few of the ladies to dive deeper into either how they got started within their businesses or advice they have for those who aspire to own their own business. Cool right?

Tara Gates Anderson

Through Tara's interview I learned that becoming a Celebrity Interviewer fell into her lap. It was through the encouragement of her friend, who was looking for someone to cover the ASCAP awards red carpet, that Tara got her start with larger events and took off since then! "I felt like I was in my element when I was there, I felt like it just came natural." she stated. With interviewing individuals such as Timberland and Marlon Wayans, Anderson was able to forge her way through the industry and make her mark on the red carpet. While she didn't know she would find herself as a celebrity interviewer, she did state that sometimes you may not know where you'll end up but instead, your gifts would be bestowed upon you. 

When asked who her favorite celebrity to interview was, Tara's choice was actor Don Cheadle. She shared how well the interview flowed because it felt like more of a conversation. Her reason for loving what she does? "Because I'm able to give opportunities to other people. I literally want to be in service to others with what ever I'm doing. I can't get to where I am without bringing somebody else up." Between bringing ladies on the red carpet with her to providing connections, Tara ensures that she is pulling those who have similar aspirations up along with her. If thats girl boss material then I don't know what is!

Milan Mobley

With Milan being the founder of the brunch, I knew I had to ask her what she felt like it took to be a bomb EntreprenuHER. She quickly stated; dedication, consistency, patience, a wonderful support system, innovation, and creativity. I know I can personally attest to those being fundamental pieces as an entrepreneur and even if you lack just one of these you will be able to see that in your business. "You really have to be able to think quick on your toes as an entrepreneur and be creative while staying up to date with trends." she also states. When asked what one piece advice she would give someone who either aspires to become a publicist or create something so great as EntreprenuHER, Milan believes that you need to gain the experience. Regardless of how much knowledge you've obtained, without experience you may not know how to fully utilize the knowledge that you have ato push through. "Get those internships and volunteer. You'll have to do work for free sometimes, but don't do it so often that you don't know your worth." Wise Words Milan!

Nicolby Clay

As Nicolby started off her business fairly young, she's been blessed to grow along with her business. When asked what she believes it takes to own your own business she stated dedication, consistency, and prayer. "These three things have carried me this far and what I can say is that you have to persevere through all of those road blocks and overcome the obstacles that you may face." I also agree 100 percent with Nicolby on this one! As a fabulous hairstylist, her favorite thing about doing hair and owning a hair line is the effect that she has on her clients. She loves being able to contribute to them feeling good about themselves. "I know I am able to touch them in a way that will last." As she services her different clients she also feels like she's a hair therapist as well due to her being able to chat with them about their lives and give a sense of escape. Being in charge of her own success as a business owner and having the opportunity to create generational wealth is Nicolby's reasoning as to why she loves owning her own business. You go Nicolby! 

So I have to admit that this event was literally what I needed to give me an even further push within the realm of entrepreneurship and provided clarity with life. These ladies not only provided tons of gems to everyone in attendance but they were also real about it all. No sugarcoating or concealing went down at the EntreprenuHER brunch. But instead it was filled with raw emotion, tons of tips, and real insight from these fabulous business owners. Did I mention the food was bomb too? Thank you so much Milan for creating an awesome opportunity such as EntreprenuHER and I can't wait until next years brunch!

Women On The Move Feature: Precious K. Williams

As the month of March is Women History Month I knew now was the perfect time to launch my Women On The Move series that has been on my heart for some time now. I love supporting women, seeing us thrive, and watching how we find a way to balance so many different things that life throws at us. As we are in a place where we sometimes still aren't seen as equal, I knew I had to make it my mission to showcase awesome, talented women that I've met here on my blog. I'm so glad to be showcasing GREATNESS and invite you guys to read the stories of these women including how they got started with what their doing, inspiration, and advice for you all. 

Today I'm glad to introduce my first Women On The Move feature Precious K. Williams of Simply Passionate Life! I met Precious here in Atlanta at an event we were both covering and instantly enjoyed her energy. She's a believer of Christ, wife, mom, educator, and an avid supporter of living a passionate life. She also has a website and blogs her life of faith, family, and fitness. Take a look below to learn more about Precious! 

Tell us about yourself and your brand Simply Passionate Life. 

My name is Precious K Williams and I am a lover, leader and joy influencer! I am a speaker in Atlanta that utilizes a variety of platforms to share my message of how to live a Simply Passionate Life! As a brand we teach women how to live a joy-filled life so they can be present and content in any circumstance! I love engaging people and enlightening them of the everyday moments that they should be capitalizing on rather than complaining about! Our main aims are faith, family, and fitness; however we endeavor to inspire women to love the life they've been given while they work for the life that they want.

What made you take the plunge and create your personal brand?

Its actually a funny story! I had been sitting on the idea for about 3 months and just really wanted everything to be perfect before launching! I was sick and tired of the negativity that was rampant on my timeline and really felt that people lacked joy! So the week of the 2016 presidential election it hit me! There are people that could care less about being perfect. They take leaps of faith and figure out the details later! If a reality tv star with no political experience can become a president why can't a counselor with a story work to empower women! Through this, have become a huge #believer in "start where you are with what you have!"

Through your passion of health and wellness, how do you encourage others to live passionately within that aspect?

I believe that your life is only as good as your mindset! Simply Passionate Life approaches joy from a holistic wellness framework. That means that we teach women to prioritize health from their minds, to their bodies, and to their souls. Through my own weightloss journey (75lbs lost from an 18/20 to a size 6/8) it wasn't until I stopped compartmentalizing my fitness and began addressing my mental and spiritual well-being as a part of the process that I truly saw results!

What is your favorite part of being a girl boss?  

My favorite part of being a girl boss is being able to impact other women. It's kind of funny because I don't consider myself a boss so I think it's a flattering question, but I do they consider myself a joy influencer!  I want to help women see that all things are possible through Christ who strengthens us. I also want to encourage those who may come from a setback that they can overcome. I didn't speak English until I was 4 years old and now I'm speaking in front of large groups of women telling them my story about self confidence, self worth, and self-determination. Being your own boss does not mean canceling out the need for others; it means impacting others along your journey to success!

What is your method of living passionately?

One of my models is that every moment is a message, you just have to pay attention! That is one way that I strive to live passionately. By looking at life as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than just tangible milestones to accomplish, I am able to find contentment even if the situations don't go my way. So many of us are on a hamster wheel pursuing some future destination that we don't learn valuable lessons along the way. It's so important to enjoy the journey! Don't let life happen; we must do the living and invest in the people that have been put along our paths!

What inspires you to keep pushing forward and excelling in your space?

I am motivated by the community. I'm motivated by the women that may feel overwhelmed or stuck in a rut and need encouragement to live with contentment. I believe life is way less about accomplishments than relationships. It means a lot to me to be able to build intentional relationships with women along my journey!

What is some advice you have for someone who wants to start their brand but afraid to do so?

My first piece of advice would be: feel the fear and do it anyway! If you are afraid, you are in the company of great men and women who have done some incredible things in history. The things that are the most impactful are the things that we think we are incapable of doing; so let your faith overcome your fear. I would also say “learn how to have it all even when you can't have it all". As a mom, a wife, and as a plain old woman, we want to have it all. We want to be everything for everyone and we can't. Some days you will be a superwoman, who gets it all done, and feel like you have it all. On other days, you will get none of it done and feel like “Lord Why?”. However, even on those days, remember you already have it all in Christ. We lack nothing in him! We've been given the power to overcome this world and to live for him and His glory. So even when we don't “have it all”, remember that everything that we get is just the icing on the cake. This leads to my last piece of advice: you must know your “why”. Why are you doing what you're doing? From having kids to getting married to starting your business to working at that body; why did you begin? Keeping this consistent reminder in mind will help you realize you already have all you need even when you can't literally have it all.

How can someone get involved with your passionate living movement?

The best way to stay connected with me is through my website www.SimplyPassionateLife.com
Not only do I have monthly meetups for my community, I have two coaching packages that both include a complimentary introductory passionate living call, and lastly I host a quarterly 31 day wellness challenge! I'm always excited to connect with people via social media as well so join us @simplypassionatelife on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram! (@simplypreshkw on twitter).

Hope you all enjoyed learning about Precious! Stay tuned for my next Women On the Move Feature!