3 Things You Need Before Working with Brands

We're currently in the day and age where you can literally make a living off of being a content creator. Beautiful isn't it? While getting paid to share your thoughts on a brand and/or product is awesome sauce, it's important to have certain things secured on your end before trying to working with them. Working with Curlfluence, I've been blessed with the opportunity to gain insight on what brands (both big and small) really expect from Bloggers/Influencers. Lets just say, it isn't necessarily always about the numbers but more so what you can offer to a brand. If you're a blogger who is interested in working with brands then this post is for you!


Believe me when I say, consistency is absolutely key! Some brands truly measure if they want to work with an influencer based on how consistently they post and share their content. When you think about it, these brands are potentially investing money in you and they want to see what their return on investment (or ROI for short) will be. If you post once, maybe twice on your blog and rarely update your social media pages; brands won't be able to see your true potential and all that you can offer. Putting working with brands to the side, the importance of creating consistent content is important if you are a blogger. The more you delay creating posts and visuals, the further you're pushing back all of the success you can truly have if you actually stick to your content plan. Also, with consistency should come growth. Be sure to perfect the look of your blog to the best of your ability and have strong visuals.


Ya'll, when I say truly having engagement and interacting with your community online is a crucial piece to have before working with a brand, I mean it! I've spoken with bloggers in the past who felt that because they didn't have a million followers they were never going to have the opportunity to work with a brand. This is so not true! Ultimately, brands are looking for authentic content creators who can advertise their products or services to various communities. Micro influencers who are able to directly reach their audience and have a great deal of engagement definitely have a seat a the table. This proves to brands that although your social reach may not be as high, you still bring value. Be sure to spend your time investing in building out your community and interacting with others digitally before reaching out directly to a brand.

Perfect Your Pitch

Knowing your value and perfecting your pitch go hand in hand. Lets first get into knowing your value. I personally believe that when working with your brands, you shouldn't initially focus on racking up tons of free products or collecting cash. Your main intention should be to build out relationships with these businesses and enjoy the opportunity to create fun, new content. Having a brand myself, I can honestly say working with influencers who create the same uninspired content can get very underwhelming. You need to first know what you can truly offer a brand and ensure that you will be able to execute it before offering any prices for your services. The worse thing you can do is promise something that you know you won't be able to accomplish.

Tip: Take out a moment to highlight the key aspects that you can offer a brand both on your blog and social media page.

A pitch is a letter, typically in the form of an email, that is sent to brands and serves as an opportunity to introduce yourself to them. It's very important that you are clear and concise in your pitch and briefly share what you can offer. Simply saying, "I would love to review xyz on my channel." doesn't cut it folks. Take out the time to introduce yourself, your blog, and be sure to share your value with the brand.

Hope these tips help those out there who are looking to work with brands. Perfect these three things and you're well on your way to collaborations!

3 Best Ways To Celebrate Yourself

Often times as women we have so many tasks and expectations placed on us, both by others and ourselves, that it can be daunting. We're expected to be the best at what we do at all times and readily available for anything and everything that is thrown our way. We deal with being overlooked and undervalued. We are faced with some issues that only women can relate to. Lately I've been reflecting and realized that despite all of this, being our best selves is extremely important. It's time to take care of ourselves not only for the betterment our physical health but for our mental health as well. Take a look below to find out 3 ways to celebrate your bomb girl power (i.e yourself). 

Treat Yourself

When you work and play hard, I believe that you should be able to treat yourself every now and then for all of your efforts. I personally used to feel guilty when I wanted to gift myself items because I felt like I was being selfish. I felt that the money could always be used elsewhere, such as towards our business or home. I then realized, all of the time and effort I putting into various aspects of my life should be celebrated somehow. Whether its purchasing an item of make up that I've been eyeing or getting one of my necessities that will better myself that I've been putting off, guilt shouldn't be anywhere in the mix. My husband and I decided it would be best to create a 'treat yo self' budget which is highly recommended!

Invest In Yourself

I believe investing in yourself is extremely important. As women, we have to juggle so many different tasks that we feel as if we may not have the time to dedicate towards personal projects that are in our heart to complete. The best advice I would have is - make the time girl. One thing you don't want to happen is 40 years down the line look back and regret not doing what've always wanted to do. You have to invest the time and put in the effort in order to see the fruits of your labor. Whether it's learning how to edit videos because you've been led to start a Youtube channel or taking that free online class that would make you knowledgable in what you want to accomplish, now is the best time to get that started. Just remember, pouring into yourself will also help when pouring out to others. 

Love Yourself

I'm sure you always hear that you should love yourself flaws and all but how many of us actually put those statements into action? I can honestly say that I am my biggest and worst critic. As I've been getting older I've realized that I've been so hard on myself which was secretly chipping away at my morale and making everything harder to complete because I just wasn't motivated. If you feel the same way, trust me you aren't alone sis. While it is definitely easier said then done, we truly need to put in the effort to love ourselves. We also need to forgive ourselves for the mistakes we've made and challenge ourselves to become better women. Life isn't easy but truly loving yourself as you go along your journey makes it easier. 



Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Foundation Review

The wait is finally over! Fenty Beauty, created by the very fabulous and oh so talented Rihanna, has officially launched and of course it has taken over the beauty community by storm. Once I found out that Rihanna was creating her own line of beauty products I automatically knew I was going to support. Personally, I had a list of products that I thought she was going to create but to my surprise the initial launch included 40 different foundation shades.

Yes, you read right. FOURTY SHADES. 

Being a woman of color that is darker on the shade range, I've definitely ran into my fair share of difficulties when trying to find my perfect foundation shade. There are quite a few beauty companies who have decided that the 'deep' section should only contain two, maybe three shades and that they would work for all of my fellow melaninated sisters. I've also heard that certain companies don't manufacture darker shades simply because they believe Black women aren't purchasing foundation (let's not even get into that). I can say I was completely floored when I saw Rihanna was launching so many shades and showcased that diversity can and should be found in make up.

Lets get into the specs:

Description: A soft matte, long-wear foundation with build able medium to full coverage, in a boundary-breaking range of shades.
Additional Details: Oil free, shine-free finish, light as air texture, and cruelty free.
Price: $34.00
Where Can it Be Purchased?: Sephora (In store and online), FentyBeauty.com, and Harvey Nichols (UK).

My Experience

After getting color matched in Sephora, it was determined that the shade 450 would work for my skin tone. I have to be honest, when I first tried it on I was a bit nervous because it was pulling up very red on my skin. After applying the rest of my face make up (concealer, highlight, and a touch of blush which can be seen in the photo above), I noticed that the foundation oxidized and blended very well into my skin complexion. Oxidization usually drives me crazy so this was the first time that it actually worked in my favor (yay Fenty Beauty!).

The foundation does have a soft matte finish and a very smooth to touch feel. I did heavily moisturize my skin before applying so I didn't deal with any dry patches afterwards. I also really love how light weight the foundation is, it doesn't feel cakey or heavy at all. This is definitely going to be my go to foundation when I need to wear make up for long periods of time!

I'm looking forward to picking up a few more products from the Fenty Beauty collection and sharing my thoughts with you all. Have you picked up any products or have any on your wishlist? Let me know below!

Product provided by Curlfluence for review.

What To Wear: Daytime Launch Party

When celebrations are in order, what's better then supporting in style? One of the main reasons why Hubby and I really wanted to move to Atlanta, GA (along with being led by God) was because we wanted to be surrounded with other like minded entrepreneurs and go getters. I've been noticing lately that there have been quite a few launch parties and pop ups taking place in the city and it's truly beautiful to see so many individuals taking the plunge and creating their own businesses. I decided it would be perfect to share a look that is very appropriate for those who find themselves supporting different businesses by going to their day time events and are looking for some outfit inspiration along the way. 

Top: Shein.com / Jeans: Missguided / Block Sandals: Shop in Florida

I honestly love how on trend this look is. The wrap front top was such a huge hit during the summer and very appropriate for a launch party because of the dressy appeal that it adds to the look. These jeans - oh man these jeans. I absolutely love them! Its funky shape and distressed detailing at the hem immediately caught my eye as I was searching through the sale section of Missguided (their sales are always awesome by the way). I decided to finish off the look with low block sandal heels and a red lip, which I believe are very chic. 

Do you have any go to pieces when styling a look for an event? Let me know below!

Floral Printed Top + Ruffle Skort

Happy Thursday ya'll! It's finally almost the weekend and I'm so ready for it to get started. While I do have meetings planned, I am excited to explore the city of Atlanta more (which of course includes finding new, sweet spots for blog photos). Anywho, lets get into this look which I am absolutely loving! I found these pieces at Zara during their mid season sale, which was a win itself (if you've shopped during one of their sales previously then you know the struggle & chaos). 

The top immediately caught my eye because of the gorgeous floral embroidery and statement sleeve. Luckily, statement sleeves are still trending and fingers crossed it will continue throughout the fall because it has been one of my absolute faves. As for this skort ya'll - lets talk about it. I haven't worn an actual skort since elementary school so when I found this after scouring the clothing racks I knew that it was a piece that I had to give a try. The ruffle gives a very chic vibe and the color is so me because of the neutral palette. 

 Top: Zara / Skort: Zara / Heels: Random shoe shop in Florida / Sunglasses: Call it Spring

When putting together this look I knew it would tie together perfectly with a simple nude strap heel and chic black sunglasses. I'll be incorporating more statement pieces into my wardrobe this fall and can't wait to style them and share with you all! Would you like me to share tips on how to score trendy and affordable pieces from higher end stores? If so, let me know below!