Outfit Recap of 2014

Hey all! 

So it is only right for me to do a recap of a few of my many outfits of 2014. I can definitely say that my style has changed since the beginning of the year and will continue evolving as I get deeper into my fashion journey. While 2015 is quickly approaching, I feel as if I am ready to take it on by storm! I have a lot planned for this upcoming year and I have faith that all will be accomplished. My brand Fashilluminous was recently created and I am so glad to see it grow in such a short amount of time.

Here is a quick background for you guys: Fashilluminous was created with the intention of tracking my journey as I dive into the world of fashion. It started off as just a personal blog that I only wanted to keep to myself but after being encouraged by Brandon and a few of my friends I decided why not share this with the world? Here it is nearly one year later and I can say this was one of the best decisions I have made by far. This blog has pushed me to have more confidence in myself and allowed me to experience how it is being in front of the camera for a change. 

I don't want to ramble on so I'd just like to end off saying I am excited for 2015! I am ready to continue growing in all aspects of my life (spiritual, mental, etc) and so glad that I'll be able to look back in a few years in my office in New York (lol) and seeing all of my growth. 

Cheers to the New Year friends!

Fashilluminous Holiday Must Haves

Holiday Must Haves

Holiday Must Haves by fashilluminous 
With the Holidays right around the corner, I wanted to provide you guys with a few must haves to get you through on a stylish start. 

1. Red Dress
A Red dress will have you standing out amongst the crowd at any Holiday festivity. Go for a dress similar to the one pictured above. Flare dresses are prefect because they are very feminine and have a classic shape that can accentuate any body type. 

2. Sequin
Sequin is definitely priority for the Holidays! If you're bold, go for sequin articles of clothing such a skirt or dress. To have subtle glam, incorporate sequin in your look through a clutch or even glitter eye shadow. 

3. Holiday Sweater
You know its truly the Holidays when everyone is pulling out their "ugly Christmas sweaters" to celebrate. Whether ugly or not, a Christmas sweater is a great necessity because not only does it keep you warm and toasty, it also shows your festive side. 

4. Red Lipstick
First off, I believe red lipstick is just a general must have (I don't know what I would do with out it!). It's gorgeous because it stands out and will have your teeth looking pearly white for the tons of Holiday photographs that will be taken. 

5. A Line Skirt
A line skirts such as the one above are simply perfect, especially when it is a midi. Getting one in that emerald green color is essential because it will continue to be in style for the months to come.

6. Statement Necklace
Want to be bold in a subtle manner? Try incorporating a statement necklace! Wear a simple, classic outfit and let your necklace do the talking.

7. Pointy Pumps
Pointy pumps are also a shoe that I feel like should be worn all year around. Pointy pumps with an ankle strap just looks great with Holiday looks in my opinion. Opt for black if your outfit will have a color that stands out.

**My final must have that isn't pictured above is a notebook! Having a notebook is essential because you can begin planning for the new year. When purchasing a notebook, try getting one that also comes with a calendar. Its dual functionality will assist you throughout all of next year and keep you organized as well!

Well thats all folks! Let me know your thoughts and what your holiday must haves are.

Noir et Blanc

Top(Dress) DD's Discounts/Pants: Topshop/Flannel Shirt: Forever21/Sandals: Go Jane

So I was heading out and decided to keep my outfit really simple and classic. One of my main mottos is that simplicity is key! I kept my outfit within a black and white color scheme which is one of my fave as well. When choosing this outfit I knew I wanted to have a top with a high collar so I got creative and my top is actually a dress! Crazy, I know lol. I got this dress for only $5 which is a steal because it was able to be transformed and is technically two pieces now. I am all for shirts tied around the waist so I added this aspect to keep the outfit casual even though I am wearing heels. 

My FashAdvice for the day: When shopping be sure to purchase multi-use pieces. These pieces can be used in a variety of looks and are staples in any wardrobe.

What are your fave multi purpose pieces?

Planning is my Middle Name

Hey loves,

The end of 2014 is already here! I'm using this month to start going into over drive in regards to planning out everything in regards to myself, this blog, and the Fashilluminous brand. In-between studying for these darn finals my mind has honestly been swamped with everything I feel needs to be improved and new things I would like to introduce. I have a lot planned for next year and the thought of executing everything is a bit over whelming. There are times when I go ham trying to organize and figure everything out just to have to stop and attend to other matters just as class assignments *side eye.* Although I am content with receiving my bachelors degree in Marketing, there are times I wished I stepped outside of my comfort zone and went out of state to pursue a degree in Fashion Merchandising. 

Anywho, lately I've really been into actually perfecting my craft. I've noticed that some individuals say they are fashion stylist but are honestly only able to dress themselves. To me, a true stylist is some one who knows how to dress and flatter all body types. They are well versed in colors, shapes, textures, etc and not only equipped with the knowledge of how to match a funky top and bottom on their frame. Personally I want to know everything there is to know about fashion! 

Brandon (who is now serving as my business partner/manager) and I discussed what needs to be focused on for this upcoming year and I am excited for what is to come! Can't wait to share with you allllllll.

For You: Trendsetter Tampa Premiere

Hey dolls & gents!

I had the pleasure of being invited to a great event last night held by the brand Trendsetter. They premiered their line of creative (and dope I might add) T shirts and provided the attendees the story behind their brand. They aren't only all about their T shirts but also social change. Their definition of a Trendsetter is: "a person who leads the way in fashion or ideas. A trendsetter is a person who inspires and who redefines reality by constantly raising the bar. A trendsetter is a nonconformist who lives on free will; a true rebel of society; a genuine article. A trendsetter is within all of us. We all possess the gift of creativity. We are the catalyst to start a movement."

Honestly attending this event was great because not only was it inspirational, it was real. Midst all of the chaos and brutality that is occurring in society today, change honestly needs to occur but it starts with us and our mindsets. Any who, I'll stop chatting and post the shots we got below.

Here are the creative visionaries behind the brand:

A few designs:

Few Extra Shots:

As I stated earlier I am glad I attended this event! It was great to hear that the creation of Trendsetter started during college and to see it blossom a few years later must be mind blowing to these guys. Also as you can see from the pictures below I got to see my girl Melizza (we naturally had to snap a pic together) and Andra from the KnickKnacker. 

Brandon & I supported the movement by buying a shirt so you should too! Visit Trendsetterclothing.com for more info and to purchase a shirt. 
**Photos Taken by Brandon from Integrative Flash**

Trend Alert: Fuzzy Sweater

So as most of you may know I live in the sunny state of Florida. Fortunately our winters aren't as brutal as other states so the season is a bit different for us (it varies like crazy). So in celebration of the chilly days to come whats not a better post then a trend report? One of my fave trends this season would definitely have to be the fuzzy sweater/cardigan. Not only do they keep you warm without being overbearing, they also had a hint of fun to an outfit while adding unexpected texture. This trend screams mid 90s to me and reminds me of the movie Clueless. I recently purchased a black fuzzy cardigan from H&M and I can not wait to show you all how I style it with a few of my other favorite pieces for this season (it's a secret!). Anywho, below I'll post a few pictures of celebrities and how they styled their fuzzy sweaters. 

Stacey Dash sporting a fuzzy top in Clueless 1995

I personally adore Ciara's monochromatic look and I also personally have had a similar PVC skirt such as the one she is wearing on my wish list for a while now. Her white cat eye frames along with her pointy toe pumps add a 70s flare to the look. 

Left to Right: Selita Ebanks, Candice Swanepoel, Lala Vazquez

Below you'll find a few looks that I have created that could serve as some fashion-inspo to you all. Let me know your thoughts on these looks and if you are thinking about purchasing a fuzzy piece!

Get the look: Fuzzy Sweater

Alexander Wang x HM

So the much anticipated partnership between Alexander Wang and H&M took place yesterday online and in stores and it surely was a success! Once I heard about this collection I knew it was going to be huge and couldn't wait until the pieces were debuted. I decided to check the collection out this morning and got an error message on the H&M website signifying that it crashed (not surprised at all!).

The pieces are sportswear inspired in shades of grey, black, and white. Lately these have been my go to colors so to see Alexander Wang debut a collection only with this pallet definitely peaked my interest and stood out to my inner fashionista. A few pieces he featured are performance wear tank tops, dresses with bold detailing, and very durable coats/jackets. He didn't limit himself to only creating clothes for females either so guys don't feel left out! I'll post a few pictures of the looks below:

Of course my girl Rihanna sported a sports bra and jacquard-knit tights ensemble and this look is perfect for those who don't mind a daring yet super casual get up. I like how she kept it simple by pairing the look with classic New Balance sneakers and stayed true to her style by wearing a body chain. Her signature red lip was the icing on the cake as well. 

Although I wasn't able to purchase anything from the collection I can't wait to see what other looks everyone has in store! What do you guys think about this partnership between Alexander Wang and H&M?