Fashions United!

So tonight I was lucky enough to be placed on the guest list for the Fashions United Semi Annual Trunk Show. It showcased local up-coming designers where they presented their newest collections to fashion buyers, bloggers, and boutique owners. The pieces that were on the runway were really creative and appeared very ready to wear in my opinion. The o'devours were to die for (they had lobster mac & cheese yum!) and their vendors had lovely bathing suits and accessories for sale. Here are a few photos, I wish I got more!

O'devours were super yummy!

               My waiting on the show to start selfie :)
Outfit for the night. Decided to go simple & classy.
Top: Forever21 Skirt: Forever21 Heels: Traffic Shoes Purse: Forever21
Vendors showcasing their products & business


So I went to the mall yesterday in hopes of buying tons of clothes because I was in the mood to splurge. I was supposed to go out of town but plans changed (unfortunately) so I had some left over cash that could be used towards updating my wardrobe.

After looking around my usual stores I saw that there was barely anything that really sparked my interest. Back in the day I would typically purchase things just because I could and of course they would sit in my closet for ages. I've changed my ways and instead when shopping I pick out pieces that stand out to me or would look great paired up with something.

I made a few light purchases at Forever21 and got two goodies from MAC cosmetics.

Grey Crop Top: $5.80
Military Green Oversized Top: $23.99 (sale)
Ramones Tank: $15.80
Black Maxi Dress (Not pictured): $9.80

One thing I set my mind to once I stepped in the mall was that I had to buy new lipstick! The last one I got was in January I believe and that felt like ages ago (lol). I had my mind set on getting Lady Danger from MAC but after trying it on it was a bust. The sales associate recommended Pink Plaid and at first I was skeptical. But after trying it on paired with Cork lipliner I was sold!

I think Cork lipliner is the liner of my dreams! Once I got home I started pairing it with all of my nudes and it definitely adds the perfect touch. So for all of my dark skin sistahs Cork liner is for you! I'll put a swatch below of both so you all could check it out. 

Pink Plaid Lipstick: $16
Cork Lipliner: $16
All in all, my day at the mall didn't go as well as I expected but I'm glad I got something out of my system. Hopefully next time I go I'll be able to splurge as I'd like! Until next time folks :)

Model Casting Call

One thing that I truly like about fashion shows is the behind the scenes planning that actually goes into it. Today the fashion organization that I am apart of, The Fashion Executives, collaborated with Sky Unikue's Elegant Clothing Boutique and held a second casting call for Sky's show in March. The clothing she will be showcasing is very elegant/chic and she expects her models to portray the same look. Model selection is very essential in the execution of a great show because they serve as the face of the designers clothing.

Judges table consists of comp cards, personal model photographs, and judging forms.

The models that showed up to the casting call strutted their stuff and definitely brought their A game. Just thinking about this casting call makes me think about how I too plan on holding a casting call for my own future boutique! (I'm super excited for that if you weren't able to tell already) Anywho, I am ready for whats next to come with the Discreet Elegance fashion show and glad that both casting calls were a success.

Simple Valentine's Day Looks

Whether you are spending quality time with your BFF's or going on a hot date with a significant other, here are two cute but simple outfit ideas for tonight on this lovely Valentine's Day.

Spring 2014 Fashion Week Trends

Good Morning Fashion Friends! If you love fashion as much as I do I KNOW you all have been stalking New York Fashion Week just as I have. Hopefully one day I'll be able to attend! *crosses fingers* Anywho, it was lovely checking out all the designers debut their new collections and checking out all of the trends that are popular for Spring of 2014. I'll put below a few of my favorite trends so far.

I hope this trend never dies! Crop tops are one of my favorite trends currently. Digging this trend but you rather not show so much belly? Try pairing it with a high waisted bottom and it should definitely do the trick! Not to mention you will look super stylish.

Who says fashion doesn't repeat itself? This trend is a tribute to the 90s with a modern twist. I am still waiting to snag those uber trendy overalls! Designers such as DKNY, Alexander Wang, and Rag & Bones featured this look on the runway.  

Its not just hot, its white hot! This trend is also one of my top favorites because its so classic. Wearing an all white outfit is not only refreshing but strikingly bold. 

So fashionistas/os what is your favorite trend for this spring? 

Deal$ of the Day

When it comes to me shopping if I find a deal I'm on it! (A reason why I love thrifting so much). While surfing the web I decided to take a glance at H&M's website. It just so happened that they had a great sale with an extra 30% off the entire purchase. I originally had around 7 items in my cart but due to a few of them being sold out I only ended up with 3 goodies. They are great staple pieces in anyones wardrobe so I'm glad I picked them up!

So after placing my order one of my friends let me know she had a blazer up for sale (coincidentally from H&M as well) for only $10. What a steal! You already know I had to scoop that up as well.
H&M: Blazer originally $24.95 but got them for $10
Faux Leather Pants: Originally $34.95 but got them for $7

Sweater: Wasn't on sale but was only $14 to begin with
Boyfriend Jeans: Originally $39.95 but got them for $20

Fashion Journey

Hey ladies & gents! *waves*

My name is Michelle and I'm just going to say I'm new to this whole blog thing because I'm starting fresh. This blog is simply going to be about me embarking on my fashion journey whether its dealing with clothes, beauty products, and/or any fashion related events. After discovering my love for fashion, I realized that I couldn't picture myself in any other career field besides this and I am extremely excited for whats to come! So sit back, relax, and lets embark on this journey together.