So I went to the mall yesterday in hopes of buying tons of clothes because I was in the mood to splurge. I was supposed to go out of town but plans changed (unfortunately) so I had some left over cash that could be used towards updating my wardrobe.

After looking around my usual stores I saw that there was barely anything that really sparked my interest. Back in the day I would typically purchase things just because I could and of course they would sit in my closet for ages. I've changed my ways and instead when shopping I pick out pieces that stand out to me or would look great paired up with something.

I made a few light purchases at Forever21 and got two goodies from MAC cosmetics.

Grey Crop Top: $5.80
Military Green Oversized Top: $23.99 (sale)
Ramones Tank: $15.80
Black Maxi Dress (Not pictured): $9.80

One thing I set my mind to once I stepped in the mall was that I had to buy new lipstick! The last one I got was in January I believe and that felt like ages ago (lol). I had my mind set on getting Lady Danger from MAC but after trying it on it was a bust. The sales associate recommended Pink Plaid and at first I was skeptical. But after trying it on paired with Cork lipliner I was sold!

I think Cork lipliner is the liner of my dreams! Once I got home I started pairing it with all of my nudes and it definitely adds the perfect touch. So for all of my dark skin sistahs Cork liner is for you! I'll put a swatch below of both so you all could check it out. 

Pink Plaid Lipstick: $16
Cork Lipliner: $16
All in all, my day at the mall didn't go as well as I expected but I'm glad I got something out of my system. Hopefully next time I go I'll be able to splurge as I'd like! Until next time folks :)

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