Creative Boost! (TFM Casting Call)

Hey all!

This week has been extremely busy/tiring, and what not a better way to de-stress then to update my blog? Any who, just the other day I was invited to attend The Fashion Movements Eye on Fashion Wardrobe Stylist competitions casting call. The location of the casting call was Studio 94, a perfect hub for creativity. Whether it's dance, art, or modeling Studio 94 has the perfect vibe for all of your artistic needs. I was assisting with model registration and in-between I was snapping photographs of all of the excitement going on within the casting call.

The wardrobe stylist competition is comprised of various stylists (one of them being my good friend Melizza Williams) that are competing to market and establish their brands within a professional atmosphere. Not only does the winner get bragging rights but their brand would be recognized by tons of people around the area! It was great to watch the competing stylists select their models that will be showcasing their outfits in the competition. 

While being at Studio94, I was hit by a ton of creative thoughts (my brain went into over drive y'all) and I came up with a project that I can't wait to get started on! Stay tuned.  

-Positive Fashion Vibes,

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