Styling a Gray Midi Skirt

Hey loves! 
So I've decided that I am going to begin to show you all how I would style certain pieces. My "How to's" are going to be in segments and today's segment I'm showing you guys how I would casually style a gray midi skirt. A midi skirt is such a versatile piece and can literally be dressed up or down. I would have to say its definitely my favorite type of skirt because it can be really flattering! This look is something that can be worn to either class or a day out shopping with friends. I chose a casual graphic T-shirt and tied an ombre' flannel shirt around my waist just as I would if I were wearing pants and/or jeans. I completed the look with leather Plimsolls from Forever21 (which were $7 I might add). These Plimsolls are really comfortable which are great for a long day of walking while still being stylish. My hair was pulled in a high bun so I wouldn't have to deal with my hair throughout this Florida heat!

Top: Ross/ Skirt: Flannel Shirt: H&M/ Shoes: Forver21
Here are the details on options to recreate this look!

Let me know how you guys feel about this look! Can't wait to show you all how I can dress up this skirt to make it look snazzy. If you'd like more examples on how you can dress up one piece multiple ways check out this video my girl Melizza and I made for our Youtube channel Fashion Revealed.

Trend Alert: Denim Skirt

So one of the reasons I absolutely love fashion is because it always repeats itself. I love seeing pieces from the past come back with full force and especially when they are utilized in new and modern ways. One trend that I have spotted that sparked my interest is the denim skirt. I remember back in the day I used to love to wear my short denim skirts on those hot Miami days (I thought I was hot stuff!). Now the denim skirt has been brought back in a way that is very fashion forward- a structured pencil skirt. Pencil skirts (especially Midi's) are my favorite type of skirt because not only is it feminine, it is also very figure flattering. The denim skirts that I've spotted and fell in love with are distressed as well.

Here is style icon, Rihanna, sporting a denim skirt paired with a denim button down and chic nude pumps. Her hat is an added touch and spices up the outfit in my opinion. Denim on denim is also another one of my top fave looks.

Here is my Rihcreation of her look at of course a more affordable cost. 

How do you guys like the denim skirt being brought back? Tell me your thoughts on this trend!

Details from skirts listed above: 1. ChicNova High Waisted Denim Skirt 2. Dorothy Perkins Mid Wash Denim Midi 3. Topshop Button Through Skirt 4.Topshop Asymmetrical Wrap Skirt

-Positive Fashion Vibes

Casual Day Out

Top: H&M/ Jeans: H&M/ Shoes: Asos/ Hat: Asos/ Sunglasses: Forever21
Hey all, Today I stopped by the mall in hopes of returning a purchase to H&M and thought hey why not get some shots in? My outfit today is super simple and straight to the point. I love this crop top from H&M and I should have picked this up in every color! The jeans I'm wearing originally had no rips in them and one night I decided to be spontaneous and add them in myself (results aren't half bad). I completed the look with black jelly sandals and my black hat which are two of my favorite pieces in my closet. Last but not least these shades! I love these shades ya'll, like I can't get over them. Lately I've been really into getting sunglasses and because these are so adorable I know for sure I'll be picking some more up.

Floral Love

Jacket: Thrift Shop/ Top: H&M/ Skirt: Forever21/ Heels: Sunglasses: Forever21
Hey Fashion Friends! 
So todays look is something you could wear on a summer night out if you are down to be daring. I found this skirt at Forever21 recently and it was only around $6 (steal!) and decided to pair it with a simple crop top for a clean look. The floral jacket was added for a pop of print and to make the outfit playful. The skirt is a tad bit sexy so if its too much for your liking then you could pair it with a full black midi skirt instead. You could also add a red clutch to tie the look together as well!

What are you guys wearing on these hot summer days? 


Boy today was an eventful one. I attended Church today where the message definitely hit home for me. It's honestly been in my mind the whole entire day and is allowing me to see life from a different perspective. I've subliminally been thinking that materialistic items demonstrate how far you have made it in life. A nice car, beautiful house, and the latest gear doesn't always showcase your  success and your blessings. 

With that being said, after attending church I went to Platos closet in hopes of selling some clothes and shoes to make a little extra cash. I'll be going on a mini vacay soon so any extra cash I can scrap up I will! After receiving my money, I went to a Chinese Buffet (Lord knows I was dying of hunger) with my man and my roomie. We swallowed our food whole I might add LOL. As the waitress was giving us our bills she gave each of us a fortune cookie. After reading my fortune I felt like a revelation hit me. 'Fortune favors the brave' also means opportunities come to those who are bold enough to take it. Carrying out your plans, if they are meant to be, will allow good luck to surface. 

As I'm sitting here writing this blog post I am honestly thinking how I can word what is going on in my mind. I've always had the drive to do what I love but I am also always afraid of failing or it going wrong. I would see other individuals do something, what I would want to do I might add, and get tons of recognition. Meanwhile I would be sitting there thinking that I know if I try it wouldn't work out the least bit. So I think today honestly will be the day that I put all those feelings of doubt aside. I am going to step outside of my comfort zone and begin planning out my business. Rome (and Oprah too I might add) wasn't built in a day, so I can't expect everything will work in 2 seconds, although it may happen that way for others. Their path is their path, it honestly has nothing to do with mine. 

If you read my very first post you know that this blog was created with the purpose of you all embarking on my fashion journey with me. This is a big step for us guys lol! This honestly means so much to me and if I am able to help others look and feel as beautiful as they should I would do it in a heart beat. That is why today my brand will begin! I'll give you all updates along the way, so stay tuned!

My New Beauty Loves/Reviews

1. La Girl Pro concealers
2. Wet and Wild Vanity Palette
3. Mac Mineralize Skinfinsh
4. Ben Nye Powder
5. Sleek Contour Kit
6. ELF Healthy Glow Bronzer

Left: Fawn
Right: Toast  
These LA Girl Pro Concealers are bomb! I've been hearing great things about them so I finally decided hey, why not try them out. LA Girl has 18 pro concealers ranging from very light shades to a deep rich cocoa shade. Oh, and did I forget to mention that each is only $1.99?! I purchased them from and I was very happy when I received them. I use Fawn as a highlight and I haven't tried out toast out yet (will try it out in my next make up look). The consistency is nice and creamy as well. You could purchase it from the same site I did or even try your local beauty supply. I happened to spot them at mine recently actually!

Wet and Wild Vanity Palette
Next up on the list is the Wet and Wild Vanity Palette. So I've recently been on a craze when it comes to the Wet and Wild beauty brand. I got this palette from Amazon because unfortunately its discontinued in stores. If you aren't up to purchasing it online, there is a similar Wet and Wild Palette called 'The Naked Truth'. Anywho, these are great neutral shades and perfect for beginners in make up.

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Dark Deepest
Fourth on the list is my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Dark Deepest. This is great finishing powder for my skin while not giving a weird drying super matte look. It was a little pricey but worth the money.
Ben Nye Topaz Powder
This powder is perfection. I also heard great things about this powder (Kim Kardashian's make up artist used the Ben Nye Banana Powder on her) so I had to pick it up as well. I wasn't ready to try out the Banana powder because it is extremely light so I thought Topaz would be the right fit. I use this to set my highlight with beauty blender and it works wonders. It was only $11.40 (including shipping) from

Sleek Face Contour Kit
*Claps excessively* This contour kit is bomb! I was a bit afraid that the contour would be too light and wouldn't show up on my skin but thankfully it does! This little contour kit packs a punch and is very pigmented. Apply too much of this and you'll look like you have a dark streak down the side of your face instead of a contour LOL.  
Got the shade Dark and like I said I love it! Being a woman of color, sometimes it could be a little difficult to find things that work with your skin tone. Before purchasing this, I went to Sephora and I wasn't even able to find an affordable contour kit that would work with my shade. But this works and that is all that matters! It also comes with a highlight which is greeeeat.
ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder
Lastly is my ELF Bronzing powder. I swatched it on my skin so you all could see how nicely it picks up on my skin. It was only $1 so I thought what the heck why not give it a try. I apply this just above my cheek bones to give my face a healthy summer glow. It doesn't come off chalky or anything either.

 Whew! That was a mouthful LOL. These were my most recent beauty purchases and I was content with each of them. Glad I was able to share them with you all too. Give em a try!