Getaway to the Bahamas

Hey guys!
I know it has been awhile but between school, work, and planning a fashion show; my life has been all over the place. Nonetheless I'm back and want to tell you all about my great trip!
Recently it was Brandons' birthday so in the midst of our travel excitement we decided to celebrate by heading over to the Bahamas. We sailed on Norewegian Cruise Line and boy was it a pleasant experience. We both hadn't been on a cruise in awhile so it was a great way to refresh our memories on how the cruise experience really is. I definitely recommend everyone to take out the time in your busy schedules to go on a cruise because not only is it a bonding experience, it is also a great opportunity to put your overloaded obligations to the side.

Down below I'm going to put tons of pictures we snapped while on our trip (including an outfit of the night). We also decided to try something new and make our first vlog! You'll see footage of our 3 day vacation and hopefully it'll encourage you to take a trip to the Caribbean as well.
Kimono: H&M/ Top: Express/ Bottoms: H&M/ Shoes: Shoe Connection/ Clutch: Zara
 To sum it all up, as I stated earlier this was truly a wonderful trip. The water was beautiful and heat could definitely give Miami's sunshine a run for its money LOL. Both the food and drinks were splendid as well. I really wish someone could ship me some of those conch fritters again! Brandon and I are true food lovers so after this trip we've decided to induct ourselves into the category of being foodies. When we travel we'll both be snapping pictures of the variety of food that we eat and what impression it left on us so keep on the look out for that!

Fashion Week Style Swap with My Legendary Style

Hey guys,
The month of September has definitely become one of my favorite months because all of the fashion that is jammed into it. So for those of you that are avid fashion lovers, want to attend a fashion show, and need some help styling; this post is for you! I teamed up with Samantha from Mylegendarystyle to provide you all with two outfits that we would wear to a fashion show. Coincidentally we happened to both wear black which hinted to me that we are fashion sisters Lol!

For more details on Samantha's vibrant look visit Skirt:H&M/ Heels:Call it Spring/ Clutch: Forever21
Details about my look: I've been a sucker for the color combination of black, white, and burgundy (hence the reason for my look). I chose the top because of the nice subtle print. The pleated skirt is leatherette so its great for the season. I kept the outfit simple by finishing it off with black pumps and a gold necklace to keep it cool and classy. Wondering where the burgundy is? My lips! I am a lover of burgundy lips so I couldn't pass on incorporating it in my outfit. This look gets the Fall Fashion stamp of approval guys! 

When attending fashion shows my advice is to go for a dressier look. Throw on those heels (most comfortable pair) and some lipstick and you're good to go! Samantha and I both decided to wear skirts but if you'd prefer to wear other bottoms try going for a pair of tailored trousers. Both looks are versatile as well, so whether it is a day or night fashion show we got you covered. 
Let us know your thoughts! What are you all wearing to all of these fashion events?

My Top MAC Lipsticks for Women of Color

Instead of talking about fashion I wanted to do something different for a change and give a quick post about beauty. So one fun fact about me is that I love lipstick! For the past few months I've gotten really into make up and consider it as an art actually. Honestly I'm pretty sure my friends think I'm crazy because of my current lipstick collection and obsession (I'm getting better guys!). The reason that I felt the need to do this post in the first place isn't to not only show you a few lipsticks in my collection but to actually let some of my readers that happen to be women of color know that they shouldn't be afraid to explore the realm of bold lipstick. 
Left to Right: Talk that Talk, Flat out Fabulous, Velvet Teddy, Heroine, Fixed on Drama, RiRi Woo
Personally in the beginning I thought wearing certain colors would make me look crazy; such as purples and oranges. But with the right attitude and lip pencil almost any color can work. For this post I am going to start by showing you my top MAC lipsticks I'm always reaching for and next will be my top fave drugstore brands as well as colors. I'm a sucker for MAC lippies and while they are pricey for some, in my opinion they are worth the extra bucks. Here are swatches of the lipsticks on my arm:
I believe these lipsticks are suitable for all skin tones. Stop by your local MAC counter or store and try these babies out! I'll also drop some details below about each lipstick & how I would rock them. Which can you not wait to grab?

1.Talk that Talk is a limited edition lipstick featured in a collection Rihanna created. It is known as a dark plum with a retro matte finish. This color is great for fall and with extra application the trendy oxblood lip can be achieved.
2. Flat out Fabulous is described as a "cool-toned fuchsia-plum with a flat matte finish." I personally love wearing this lipstick with a crisp white and black outfit so the lipstick could pop.
3. Velvet Teddy is a go to nude for women of color. I pair this up with Expresso lipliner by NYX so the color could blend seamlessly with the lips and not come off too harsh.
4. Heroine is a bright purple lipstick that also goes well with dark skin tones (trust me it isn't that bright). I wear this lippie without any lipliner and it glides smoothly across the lips even though it is a matte finish. Every time I wear this color I get at least one compliment!
5.Fixed on Drama is a close dupe to Talk that Talk but is more burgundy then plum. This is my go to dark lipstick and I also can't wait to rock it this fall.
6. RiRi Woo is described as a "matte cool red". I don't know what I would do without this red lipstick! For those of you who think a matte red lip is too much trust me give it a try. Not only does it make your teeth look 10 times more white, it looks fabulous for a night out on the town. 


This past weekend Brandon (my man and handsome photographer) and I decided to be spontaneous and take a trip to Orlando for the heck of it. Boy am I glad we went! We had a great time exploring the city while enjoying our much needed relaxation. As expected we hit a few malls and scored some deals which I can't wait to incorporate in my wardrobe. I can't wait until we continue our journey of traveling and exploring the states!