Getaway to the Bahamas

Hey guys!
I know it has been awhile but between school, work, and planning a fashion show; my life has been all over the place. Nonetheless I'm back and want to tell you all about my great trip!
Recently it was Brandons' birthday so in the midst of our travel excitement we decided to celebrate by heading over to the Bahamas. We sailed on Norewegian Cruise Line and boy was it a pleasant experience. We both hadn't been on a cruise in awhile so it was a great way to refresh our memories on how the cruise experience really is. I definitely recommend everyone to take out the time in your busy schedules to go on a cruise because not only is it a bonding experience, it is also a great opportunity to put your overloaded obligations to the side.

Down below I'm going to put tons of pictures we snapped while on our trip (including an outfit of the night). We also decided to try something new and make our first vlog! You'll see footage of our 3 day vacation and hopefully it'll encourage you to take a trip to the Caribbean as well.
Kimono: H&M/ Top: Express/ Bottoms: H&M/ Shoes: Shoe Connection/ Clutch: Zara
 To sum it all up, as I stated earlier this was truly a wonderful trip. The water was beautiful and heat could definitely give Miami's sunshine a run for its money LOL. Both the food and drinks were splendid as well. I really wish someone could ship me some of those conch fritters again! Brandon and I are true food lovers so after this trip we've decided to induct ourselves into the category of being foodies. When we travel we'll both be snapping pictures of the variety of food that we eat and what impression it left on us so keep on the look out for that!

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