Fashilluminous Holiday Must Haves

Holiday Must Haves

Holiday Must Haves by fashilluminous 
With the Holidays right around the corner, I wanted to provide you guys with a few must haves to get you through on a stylish start. 

1. Red Dress
A Red dress will have you standing out amongst the crowd at any Holiday festivity. Go for a dress similar to the one pictured above. Flare dresses are prefect because they are very feminine and have a classic shape that can accentuate any body type. 

2. Sequin
Sequin is definitely priority for the Holidays! If you're bold, go for sequin articles of clothing such a skirt or dress. To have subtle glam, incorporate sequin in your look through a clutch or even glitter eye shadow. 

3. Holiday Sweater
You know its truly the Holidays when everyone is pulling out their "ugly Christmas sweaters" to celebrate. Whether ugly or not, a Christmas sweater is a great necessity because not only does it keep you warm and toasty, it also shows your festive side. 

4. Red Lipstick
First off, I believe red lipstick is just a general must have (I don't know what I would do with out it!). It's gorgeous because it stands out and will have your teeth looking pearly white for the tons of Holiday photographs that will be taken. 

5. A Line Skirt
A line skirts such as the one above are simply perfect, especially when it is a midi. Getting one in that emerald green color is essential because it will continue to be in style for the months to come.

6. Statement Necklace
Want to be bold in a subtle manner? Try incorporating a statement necklace! Wear a simple, classic outfit and let your necklace do the talking.

7. Pointy Pumps
Pointy pumps are also a shoe that I feel like should be worn all year around. Pointy pumps with an ankle strap just looks great with Holiday looks in my opinion. Opt for black if your outfit will have a color that stands out.

**My final must have that isn't pictured above is a notebook! Having a notebook is essential because you can begin planning for the new year. When purchasing a notebook, try getting one that also comes with a calendar. Its dual functionality will assist you throughout all of next year and keep you organized as well!

Well thats all folks! Let me know your thoughts and what your holiday must haves are.

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