For You: Trendsetter Tampa Premiere

Hey dolls & gents!

I had the pleasure of being invited to a great event last night held by the brand Trendsetter. They premiered their line of creative (and dope I might add) T shirts and provided the attendees the story behind their brand. They aren't only all about their T shirts but also social change. Their definition of a Trendsetter is: "a person who leads the way in fashion or ideas. A trendsetter is a person who inspires and who redefines reality by constantly raising the bar. A trendsetter is a nonconformist who lives on free will; a true rebel of society; a genuine article. A trendsetter is within all of us. We all possess the gift of creativity. We are the catalyst to start a movement."

Honestly attending this event was great because not only was it inspirational, it was real. Midst all of the chaos and brutality that is occurring in society today, change honestly needs to occur but it starts with us and our mindsets. Any who, I'll stop chatting and post the shots we got below.

Here are the creative visionaries behind the brand:

A few designs:

Few Extra Shots:

As I stated earlier I am glad I attended this event! It was great to hear that the creation of Trendsetter started during college and to see it blossom a few years later must be mind blowing to these guys. Also as you can see from the pictures below I got to see my girl Melizza (we naturally had to snap a pic together) and Andra from the KnickKnacker. 

Brandon & I supported the movement by buying a shirt so you should too! Visit for more info and to purchase a shirt. 
**Photos Taken by Brandon from Integrative Flash**

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