Noir et Blanc

Top(Dress) DD's Discounts/Pants: Topshop/Flannel Shirt: Forever21/Sandals: Go Jane

So I was heading out and decided to keep my outfit really simple and classic. One of my main mottos is that simplicity is key! I kept my outfit within a black and white color scheme which is one of my fave as well. When choosing this outfit I knew I wanted to have a top with a high collar so I got creative and my top is actually a dress! Crazy, I know lol. I got this dress for only $5 which is a steal because it was able to be transformed and is technically two pieces now. I am all for shirts tied around the waist so I added this aspect to keep the outfit casual even though I am wearing heels. 

My FashAdvice for the day: When shopping be sure to purchase multi-use pieces. These pieces can be used in a variety of looks and are staples in any wardrobe.

What are your fave multi purpose pieces?

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