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So I am super excited that my blog was chosen as one of the links of the week on! It was great to see the other blogs chosen as well because their posts were polished and very informative. Be sure to check out their posts below detailing how to improve your blog and how to look good doing it!

Thanks again and trust me I love being an independent fashion blogger :)


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January is such a serious month. Back to business. Start new things. Conquer the world. You know, regular stuff. This week we have an excellent roundup of tips on how to improve your blog, and look your best while you're at it. So when you finally become the ruler of the known blogiverse... remember we knew you when!

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Welcome to Fashilluminous!

Hey all,

Welcome to my blog! For my new visitors, I wanted to give a quick background as to what Fashilluminous is all about in the video above. Please watch it in HD for better viewing quality. Also please like my new Facebook page by clicking here.

For my older blog viewers thank you so much for your continued support! Next month will mark the one year anniversary of my blog and I am so excited. Although I didn't start advertising it to the public until the Summer, I still definitely had faith in my brand. I am currently planning a giveaway for my 1st blogaversary and I'll keep you guys posted.

Ask Michelle: Look Your Best with Little Time

Hey Fash loves!

So if you haven't noticed before, there is a page towards the top of my blog entitled 'Ask Michelle which serves as a way for my readers to ask me any questions they would like in regards to fashion, beauty, style, etc. I got a few questions from you all that I would like to answer, so that's exactly what I will be doing! Every week I would like to respond to one question by giving my honest opinion as to how I personally would handle each situation or just give good ol' advice.

This weeks' Ask Michelle topic will be about looking your best with little to no time. So I'll get straight to it:

I know personally there are times when I want to sleep in until the last possible minute, I mean who loves getting out of bed in the morning anyways? While I enjoy doing so, what I don't enjoy is having to rush getting ready and have that reflect through my looks. If many of you can relate to this then here are a few solutions!

1. Problem: Not enough time to choose a worthy outfit
In my opinion one of most time consuming things in the morning is choosing your outfit for the day. You may be faced with a large closet which can be overwhelming especially when you are pressed for time. Outfits might not work the way you want them to the morning of and personally I am the most indecisive when I am in a rush. The closet below is actually mine and is only half of it!

Solution: Plan your outfits the night before (or in far in advance)
Instead of just opting for sweats and a T-shirt, the perfect way to minimize time in the mornings is choosing your outfit the night before. Deciding the night before gives you time to actually visualize which outfit would best suit your adventures for the day. Below you'll see an example of an outfit I picked out from my closet in advance. If you want to be really fancy, you could even plan your outfits for the week! You could lay them out on the bed and snap a picture, jot them down in your notes, or just keep a mental image of what will be worn and you're good to go.

2. Problem: Make up application can get a little time consuming
Lets be honest, not all of us wake up 'flawless' as Beyonce would say. The touch of concealer and sweep of blush is sometimes definitely needed! For some ladies make-up application can get a bit time consuming because they feel as if a full face is always the way to go. Personally I feel that isn't the case.

Solution: To avoid being in your bathroom for too long, apply the most make up in the allotted time that you have. Save the less time consuming portion for a little later. A few examples of the less time consuming portion are lipstick, mascara, and powder. All you have to do is place these items in a small make-up bag like you see below; which is perfect because it is easy to slip in your purse. Once you get to your destination you can complete the process by going to the bathroom (a stall that has a mirror is great!) and quickly adding the finishing touches. Another great idea is making sure that you have on bronzer. It adds a natural glow to your face and will brighten up your skin.

3. Problem: Time always seems to run out! 
Some days you'll want to sleep a little bit longer by choice but other days it just won't work out like that. You may be up late the night before fulfilling duties and plan for sure that when you wake up in the morning you'll be done way before time. Somehow when the time comes you always find yourself running behind instead! 
Image Courtesy of
Solution: Remember, technology is your friend. When I am crunched for time I always bring my iPhone around with me so I could keep track of how long I've been taking completing my morning tasks. You could even go as far as allotting time for each task (5 minutes to apply light make-up, 10 minutes for hair prep, etc). Once you go past the time you'll know when its time to move on to what you have to do next. 

Tip: Wondering which hair style will take a short amount of time but have you still look like hours of prep? The top knot bun is the way to go! This sleek and effortless look will have you looking well put together and only you will know that it took 10 minutes to recreate.
Image Courtesy of

Hope you all got something out of this 'Ask Fashilluminous' post. Be sure to ask any questions you have via my blog or by emailing me at

Stay tuned for the next Ask Fashilluminous!

Trend Alert: Gingham Print

Picture courtesy of Text was added by me.
Hey Fash-loves,

Wondering which print will be popping for Spring 2015? Well look no more! Gingham will be one of the go to prints for this season and I can say I am really enjoying it.

Designers such as Altuzarra, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Oscar De La Renta have been reintroducing this print on the runways and the way they were styled are to die for. Whether paired with a solid color, sported in a co-ord set, or as a mixed print, this subtle print is a great addition to anyone's wardrobe.

Below you'll find a Fash Inspo, inspiration on how you could wear this print created by me, this season. The soft, pastel colors are very effortless and what makes the outfit look simple and chic. I am all about simplicity so this would be a go-to for me.

Gingham Print

Gingham Print by fashilluminous 

What do you all think about going Gingham Style this spring? Lol (I've been witty lately) 

It's a Celebration!

Hey fash-loves!

So Jan 11th was pretty epic for me, I finally turned the big 2-1! I am honestly glad that God has allowed me to see another year and especially one like my 21st. I had a little photoshoot on my birthday and I could def say my outfit was on the more risqué side lol. As I was growing up I wasn't really into showing skin because of a few insecurities (I mean who didn't) but now I am glad that is a thing of the past.

Top: Go Jane | Skirt: The Look Boutique | Blazer: H&M | Clutch: Zara 

I hope you all liked the pictures! I also wanted to tell you guys how much I ADORE this clutch from Zara. I feel like it embodies me to the fullest. Although this new year (2015 and turning 21) may bring stress, I'll be sure to always at least be well dressed. See what I did there guys? Lol.

All pictures were taken by Brandon (of course lol) and here is the link to his photography Facebook page and here is his website  I'll also be uploading some new content really soon and I am so excited to be expanding Fashilluminous! Stay tuned guys :)