It's a Celebration!

Hey fash-loves!

So Jan 11th was pretty epic for me, I finally turned the big 2-1! I am honestly glad that God has allowed me to see another year and especially one like my 21st. I had a little photoshoot on my birthday and I could def say my outfit was on the more risqué side lol. As I was growing up I wasn't really into showing skin because of a few insecurities (I mean who didn't) but now I am glad that is a thing of the past.

Top: Go Jane | Skirt: The Look Boutique | Blazer: H&M | Clutch: Zara 

I hope you all liked the pictures! I also wanted to tell you guys how much I ADORE this clutch from Zara. I feel like it embodies me to the fullest. Although this new year (2015 and turning 21) may bring stress, I'll be sure to always at least be well dressed. See what I did there guys? Lol.

All pictures were taken by Brandon (of course lol) and here is the link to his photography Facebook page and here is his website  I'll also be uploading some new content really soon and I am so excited to be expanding Fashilluminous! Stay tuned guys :)