All about the Basics: Tops, Pants, and Outerwear Edition

Hey Fash loves,

Today's topic of discussion will be about one of my favorite types of pieces: basics! Basics to me are pieces that are able to be worn multiple times and should be seen in everyone's wardrobe. Not only are basics versatile, they are def staples as I stated previously. Most my outfits nowadays have been centered around basics, regardless if I'm going for a night out on the town or simply heading to class. When building your outfit you can follow the sequence above to help you put together your look.

How to build an outfit with a basic: 

Step 1: Start off with your basic top
Whether it is a basic black scoop neck or a cute crop top, choose the top that most fits your mood for the day. I typically choose loose fitting tops during the day simply because I am more laid back and opt for tighter fits at night.

Step 2: Choose your bottoms
When choosing your pants be sure to choose a piece that will be appropriate for the location you are heading. During the day I love to pair my fave boyfriend jeans but at night I tend to lean towards tailored trousers. 

Step 3: Spice it up with outerwear
Want to add that extra piece that will bring your look to the next level? Try adding a blazer or a light over coat if the forecast is going to be a little warmer. If it will be chilly at night be sure to grab a nice coat! I believe everyone should have at least one reliable black and camel colored coat.

Step 4: Complete the look with your shoes
When selecting shoes for your look remember comfort is key (at least to me it is!). If I know I'll be doing a ton of walking during the day I choose cute comfy flats. At night I always choose heels simply because it adds glam to the look. When it comes to heels, please ladies have at least one pair of black heels, black heeled sandals, and nude pumps!

Here are a few looks that incorporate basics: 

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You Will Be Mine

Whether you love Valentine's Day or HATE it... my experience is that having someone to call a "Valentine" doesn't really make that much a difference on the love of the holiday itself. Anyway, whether you love or hate Valentine's day, you can't avoid it, even if you tried. So if you can't beat them, look fabulous and join them. This week has an excellent roundup of style guides and beauty tips! You'll look so good, I'll do anything to have you.

Links à la Mode: February 12th

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Last Minute Valentine's Day Lookbook

Valentine's Day Lookbook

Hey everyone!

Here is a quick lookbook for the most loving day of the year, Valentine's Day! Looking for a last minute outfit to wear tonight for a date or ladies night? Here are a few examples that will surely turn heads. These outfits are bold but still very classy (classy is my motto!). If you decide to wear a monochromatic look as the ones above but you would still like to incorporate the classic red and pink V Day colors then be sure to wear them through your accessories such as a clutch or make up such as pink lipstick.

Let me know which look is your fave!

Ask Michelle: 5 Tips for Online Shopping

Hey Fash loves! (you know I always have to greet you all)
So this past weekend I was given the opportunity to speak to a crowd of ladies at Dress Over Heels online boutiques' Jeans and Heels shopping party. I had a blast informing them about Spring trends, must haves for this season, and 5 tips for online shopping. I'd love to share with you all what I told the girls that night in regards to online shopping and hopefully if any of you don't really favor online shopping you will after reading this post!

1. Know Your Measurements

Whether it's online or store front shopping, knowing your measurements is really important. It allows you to have an idea of what size you wear and if you were ever interested in getting a garment made you would already have a one up! When online shopping there are typically size guides located on the shopping sites. The size guide breaks sizes down by measurements which makes it easier to determine which one will best fit you. During the event I provided the girls an opportunity for me to measure them which they were super excited about as well!

2. Utilize Services Offered by the Company

Many companies nowadays offer various services such as personal shopping that we don't even know about! Take the time to look into what the shopping site offers so you could utilize their service and you never know, it may even be free (*crosses fingers* lol). For example, Topshop actually offers a complimentary appointments for their personal shopping. Another example of a service that can be offered is in person delivery. Online shopping boutiques, such as Dress Over Heels, offer an in person delivery where you can actually get your pieces the next business day (if you're local of course). If you're ever stuck between two sizes, you could contact the owner and maybe both dresses could be brought to you. It's pretty much a win win situation.

3. Wait for Key Pieces to go on Sale 

On a budget or looking to save money? Then this tip is for you! Typically, the most expensive pieces fall under the outerwear category. Outerwear consists of pieces such as blazers, coats, bomber jackets, etc. Due to their higher price my advice to you is to wait a little before purchasing. Stores usually put all of these pieces on sale during Spring to make space for their Summer collections. For example, I was dying to get a hold of a moto jacket. I searched high and low for an affordable one and was brought to a dead end. After waiting a little longer, I snagged one from H&M on sale for only $20 (originally $70). Trust me guys, when it comes to these pieces patience is a virtue.

4. Know What you NEED first 

Image courtesy of

This tip is one of my fave! You guys won't understand how many things I've bought in the past that was absolutely unnecessary. Knowing what exactly you need before shopping online (or in person for that matter) is important because it keeps you focused and organized. It also saves you money as well. Before shopping make a mental list of what you need to purchase first. I usually jot mine down on my phone so I can reference it while shopping. Recently got a nice paycheck and looking to spend some cash? Instead of buying multiple random items try purchasing pieces that can compliment the main thing you're looking to buy. If you're buying a dress for a cocktail party you could look into getting a necklace or a nice pair of heels to match.

5. Be Aware 

Image courtesy of
This final tip is super important. When shopping online please be aware and make sure that the site you are shopping at is safe. It's best to look up reviews before as well. Also, be mindful of the sites that offer all of their pieces that are typically very expensive for a crazy affordable price (Jacket usually $50 for $3.00). 

I hope you all enjoyed this tips and are able to use them while online shopping!

Fluent in Fashion Preview

Hey Fash Family!

Pardon my delay in showing this to you all but I am so excited to launch the preview of the project me and my fiance have been working on for the past few months! Watching the video alone is super exciting because to see how far we've gotten from just a simple idea is beyond me. Launching our Fluent in Fashion Tee's was something that I thought we should do to continue growing the Fashilluminous brand and thought it would stop just at that. Now seeing it come to life has us thinking of bigger and better things!

We want the Fluent in Fashion brand to be a movement of some sort (taking it pretty far right? I know lol). For those of us who ride and die for fashion you may feel as if fashion is the best thing known to man but the question is, are you truly fluent in it? Do you know the Ins and Outs of the industry? How clothing production works? What it takes to be a great fashion stylist? There are so many things us fashion connoisseurs tend to over look but truly need to know if we expect to make it in the industry.

For those of you who aren't big into fashion but just simply enjoy looking gorg, Fluent in Fashion is for you as well! I want to provide many tips that every man and women should know such as body types, color selection, proper presentation, etc.

These shirts will be for sale soon and I'll be giving you guys more info soon!