All about the Basics: Tops, Pants, and Outerwear Edition

Hey Fash loves,

Today's topic of discussion will be about one of my favorite types of pieces: basics! Basics to me are pieces that are able to be worn multiple times and should be seen in everyone's wardrobe. Not only are basics versatile, they are def staples as I stated previously. Most my outfits nowadays have been centered around basics, regardless if I'm going for a night out on the town or simply heading to class. When building your outfit you can follow the sequence above to help you put together your look.

How to build an outfit with a basic: 

Step 1: Start off with your basic top
Whether it is a basic black scoop neck or a cute crop top, choose the top that most fits your mood for the day. I typically choose loose fitting tops during the day simply because I am more laid back and opt for tighter fits at night.

Step 2: Choose your bottoms
When choosing your pants be sure to choose a piece that will be appropriate for the location you are heading. During the day I love to pair my fave boyfriend jeans but at night I tend to lean towards tailored trousers. 

Step 3: Spice it up with outerwear
Want to add that extra piece that will bring your look to the next level? Try adding a blazer or a light over coat if the forecast is going to be a little warmer. If it will be chilly at night be sure to grab a nice coat! I believe everyone should have at least one reliable black and camel colored coat.

Step 4: Complete the look with your shoes
When selecting shoes for your look remember comfort is key (at least to me it is!). If I know I'll be doing a ton of walking during the day I choose cute comfy flats. At night I always choose heels simply because it adds glam to the look. When it comes to heels, please ladies have at least one pair of black heels, black heeled sandals, and nude pumps!

Here are a few looks that incorporate basics: 

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