Fluent in Fashion Preview

Hey Fash Family!

Pardon my delay in showing this to you all but I am so excited to launch the preview of the project me and my fiance have been working on for the past few months! Watching the video alone is super exciting because to see how far we've gotten from just a simple idea is beyond me. Launching our Fluent in Fashion Tee's was something that I thought we should do to continue growing the Fashilluminous brand and thought it would stop just at that. Now seeing it come to life has us thinking of bigger and better things!

We want the Fluent in Fashion brand to be a movement of some sort (taking it pretty far right? I know lol). For those of us who ride and die for fashion you may feel as if fashion is the best thing known to man but the question is, are you truly fluent in it? Do you know the Ins and Outs of the industry? How clothing production works? What it takes to be a great fashion stylist? There are so many things us fashion connoisseurs tend to over look but truly need to know if we expect to make it in the industry.

For those of you who aren't big into fashion but just simply enjoy looking gorg, Fluent in Fashion is for you as well! I want to provide many tips that every man and women should know such as body types, color selection, proper presentation, etc.

These shirts will be for sale soon and I'll be giving you guys more info soon!

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