Teen Vogue's Fashion University Recap

Hey all!

So this past weekend one of the most epic things that could have happened to me pretty much happened. I was blessed with the opportunity to attend Teen Vogue's 10th annual Fashion University, a weekend long event that includes numerous speakers from the fashion industry that travel from over the globe to speak to young fashion industry hopefuls. The event was held in New York City in the Conde Nast headquarters which is located in the One World Trade Center building. The building has over 100 floors and was gorgeous!

There were three concentration tracks to choose from and I chose the business side of fashion of course. My speakers were simply AMAZING! They included: Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power (Founders of WhoWhatWear.com), Jessica Simpson, Jason Wagenheim (Publisher and Vice President of Teen Vogue), Laurie Dejong (Founder of LDJ Productions), Carol Kane (Founder of Boohoo.com), and Leondra Medine (Founder of Manrepeller.com).

Pretty cool right? I took tons of notes during the seminars and I'll give you a quick recap below with pictures as well. *Disclaimer* My pictures from the event aren't the best! There was so much going on and I didn't get as many as I would like, so don't judge me lol

Advice from Speakers
  1. Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power kicked off the all of the seminars and taught us about branding and finding your point of view and voice. Also, always remember that consistency is important.
  2. Jessica Simpson served as our 'Dean' and was interviewed by Amy Astley. She was very down to earth and witty. Her advice is to know yourself and keep in mind that the sky is the limit.
  3. Jason Wagenheim was an AWESOME speaker! He went into detail about landing the job and nailing the interview.
  4. Laurie Dejong and Rachel (her casting director) described how fashion show production works and how working in fashion is a lifestyle. Did I mention LDJ produces Fashion Week? *screeches*
  5. Carol Kane ended the day off by giving us insight in building a retail brand and letting us know that we should simply learn how to do everything in all aspects of the fashion world!
  6. Leondra Medine was our final and keynote speaker on Sunday. She spoke about her blog and ended off by saying "The definition of success is finding your value."
Attending Fashion University was a once in a lifetime experience and I am so glad I had the ability to attend. I met great like minded individuals, networked with industry professionals, and experiences what life would be like if I lived in New York!

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