Casual Saturdays

Hey guys,

So I wanted to drop a quick post featuring my outfit of the day. I had lunch with my fiancee so I opted to wear a T Shirt dress and Nike shoes to keep the look very casual. I also decided to wear my small side bag because I wasn't in the mood to carry my tote (we all have those days). My motto is when it comes to getting dressed be sure that you are comfortable! Because if you aren't it'll definitely show (and of course no one wants that)

 TShirt Dress: UrbanOutfitters/ Shoes: Nike/ Bag: H&M
As you all may know, I am in love with the colors white & black so please bare with me lol. Many of my looks will be monochromatic but I'll try to add in pops of color here and there. 

What is your fave outfit to wear on a casual Saturday? Let me know your thoughts!

Back like I never left!

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Hey all!

I know I've been gone for a little bit but I am definitely back! There is a lot that has been going on and I wanted to provide you all with an update about what's happening in my life so you wouldn't think I've been gone for no reason.

1. I am now a Senior in College
So anyone in school now can probably relate when I say becoming a Senior is a wake up call! Having one year left in school means real life will be starting soon, the job search is serious, and there isn't anymore time left to play around. One thing I told myself when I first begun Undergrad is that I def would like to finalize a job well before I graduate.

2. Finding a job in Fashion isn't easy
Being that I currently live in Tampa, finding a job in the fashion industry (besides retail) isn't the easiest thing to do because the fashion scene here is still building itself. I don't plan on staying in Tampa for long because of this, but in the meantime I have been searching high and low for opportunities to continue gaining experience. Also, I am still trying to figure out what exactly I want to do for the rest of my life. I've been doing some trial and error to achieve this but hopefully I get it together soon!

3. I am still finding myself
So between school, working, Church, and family/friends I've been trying to fit in the time to still continue growing as an individual. I would like to be able to start reading influential books, speak to like minded people that could serve as mentors, and simply have an advanced mindset.

4. I am getting Married!
This is definitely one of the most important things on my list! When it comes to marriage, although the ceremony is significant, I believe building yourselves as a strong unit before for after the ceremony is what really matters. My Fiance and I have a lot planned for our lives as one and God willingly it'll all work out as such!

So there it is folks, the brief update on my life. I would go into more detail but I would have you all reading for days lol. One thing I have learned so far is to honestly do what makes you happy, If you are in a situation that isn't helping you grow or what you would even want to do in life then leave! Seek God and He will reveal what your true purpose is when the time is right.

Anywho, like I said I am back and will be providing you all with tons of posts, videos, and pictures. This blog won't only be about me wearing an outfit, but things you could learn and utilize in your everyday life. Stay tuned :)