New York Fashion Week: Men's is here!

Dolce and Gabbana SS14

The Council of Fashion Designers of America has officially launched the first Mens edition of New York Fashion Week. It will be a week long (July 13th-16th) and filled with over 50 runway presentations only featuring Mens designers. It will be presented by Amazon's fashion sites as well as Cadillac, Shinola, Dockers, and Dreamworks Animation. Personally it is pretty exciting that the focus is on men for this Fashion Week because it especially provides the newcomers an opportunity to leave their mark in the fashion industry.

Now let me tell you guys, I really was considering trying to sign up so I could potentially attend a show lol. Something stopped me along the way (probably doubt) so I didn't but I definitely would have liked to attend because I love when new opportunities come about. The shows that were on my top to attend were Michael Bastian, Michael Kors, and Theory. Luckily NYFWM will now be twice a year just as NYFW, so I am already looking forward to January to see which other Mens designers will be presenting (Alexander Wang, I'm waiting for ya!)

In the meantime I will be keeping an eye out on social media to be kept up to date this week with the pieces that will be presented. I'll also provide a report at the end of the week showing my top fave shows as well so stay tuned!

Review: Geralogy Jewelry

Hey guys!

I decided to give a quick review on a few pieces of jewelry I received from a wonderful brand named Geralogy. Geralogy was created by Geraldine Torres, a lover of fashion and business combined. She is super sweet and her brand provides women with a gorgeous variety of accessories, ranging from statement necklaces to multicolored jeweled earrings. Now let me tell you guys, once I seen Geralogys' online boutique I instantly fell in love with the jewelry! All of her pieces are distinct and stands out in their own way (which I love). 

geralogy [je-raw-ol-uh-jee]: The fashionable study of the basic principles and concepts of accessorizing, with a creative view on reflecting exterior image with interior personality.

If you're looking for pieces for a night out then Geralogy is definitely the perfect one stop shop! Not only are they affordable (who doesn't love quality items that won't break your bank?) but you'll also be able to easily add spice to any look with these pieces-- [view this post for tips on how to add spice to your look]. I'll be styling a few looks featuring the jewelry I was given so definitely stay tuned! In the meantime be sure to visit & check it out.


So because its my bloggerversary month I want you all to be able to celebrate with me! One lucky winner will be able to win the gorgeous green chandelier earrings pictured. All you have to do is follow the steps on the image and you'll automatically be entered into the drawing. The winner will be notified on July 12th. 

Thanks again Geraldine for the encouraging note & lovely pieces!

Welcome to the new Fashilluminous

Hello All!

Since today marks the one year bloggerversary of Fashilluminous I decided that it was time to change up the entire vibe. As you may see, I even have a new logo! (New year, New me lol). With that being said, welcome to the new and improved! 

In the beginning I created this blog with the sole intentions of documenting my fashion journey and since then it has grown into much more. I plan on providing more consistent content while still sticking to my true purpose. I'll also be discussing my journey more in depth with you guys and use it as a way to create open conversations where you can chat with me (or vent for that matter) about anything you are facing in regards to pursing your dreams no matter what career field it may be. Being that I am approaching my Senior year in college, life is about to seriously get real and I'll be sure to tell you guys all about it!

So in the mean time; sit back, relax and embark on my journey with me!

Happy 1st Bloggerversary Fashilluminous!

It's time to celebrate!

Today marks the month Fashilluminous officially was debuted to the world and boy has time flown by! Although I officially started this blog in February, I originally thought it was best to keep it to myself and solely use it as a way to document my journey of pursing my dreams of being in the fashion industry. After countless months of friends and family convincing me to make it public, it was for some reason in July I decided to actually take it to the next level. Since then, Fashilluminous has transformed as a spot for individuals to stop by and pick up a few fashion tips, see a little bit of my lifestyle, and be provided with some inspiration. If you actually know me, you know I am someone who would prefer to be behind the scenes for almost everything. So the thought of me actually being in front of the camera was hilarious to me lol.

Creating this blog has taken me to the next level both socially and professionally. I've always been someone who loved the concept of business and when I figured out to combine it with fashion, I found my niche! I can't wait to see how far Fashilluminous goes and honestly can tell you all it was one of the best decisions I've made while being in college (Fun fact: I actually had a blog in Highschool but that was a fail!)

To my readers: Thank you so much for first stopping by and actually checking Fashilluminous out (special thanks to those that have been with me since the beginning!). It means a lot to me that my work is actually being viewed by people period so trust me I appreciate it. I plan on providing tons of new types of content within the next upcoming year and will keep you all entertained!

Of course I had to celebrate by taking tons of pictures (#bloggerprobs) and please stay tuned for what is to come!