Welcome to the new Fashilluminous

Hello All!

Since today marks the one year bloggerversary of Fashilluminous I decided that it was time to change up the entire vibe. As you may see, I even have a new logo! (New year, New me lol). With that being said, welcome to the new and improved Fashilluminous.com! 

In the beginning I created this blog with the sole intentions of documenting my fashion journey and since then it has grown into much more. I plan on providing more consistent content while still sticking to my true purpose. I'll also be discussing my journey more in depth with you guys and use it as a way to create open conversations where you can chat with me (or vent for that matter) about anything you are facing in regards to pursing your dreams no matter what career field it may be. Being that I am approaching my Senior year in college, life is about to seriously get real and I'll be sure to tell you guys all about it!

So in the mean time; sit back, relax and embark on my journey with me!

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