DIY: Leather Clutch

Hey all!

So being a college student isn't cheap (approaching my Senior year though, yay!) and loving clothes honestly isn't either. I've always really been into clothes/fashion and because of that I took four years of fashion classes in high school. I absolutely loved taking those classes and my teacher was truly the best. It was during these years that I truly learned how to use a sewing machine and even made my own garments (view this post to see an outfit I made!).

This brings me to todays post. A while back I decided that I wanted to make a little something since I hadn't in a while (plus I didn't have a sewing machine). My fiance wanted to fuel my hobby so he purchased one for me and I automatically knew what I wanted to recreate. One of my fave accessories are clutches and one from American Apparel had been catching my eye for a while.

American Apparel's Large Leather Carry-All Pouch (pictured above) retails for $65 and was way out of my budget. I decided that was what I would make and here is the final product:

Materials I used:
Faux Leather fabric
Sewing Machine
1. Once you find the fabric of your choosing, cut it into two pieces measuring the same size.
2. Place the right side of the fabric (side that you would want to be exposed) away from you and sew the zipper down each side at the top (on the very edge near the teeth of the zipper).
3. With the wrong side of the fabric still facing you, sew along each side and the bottom.
4. Turn the clutch inside out and it is complete!

Here is a quick look I put together with the clutch:

Camel Clutch Look

This was a super easy project and perfect for those who are open to making things themselves. When choosing a DIY project be sure to get inspiration, look for videos that will walk you through making your pieces if needed, and be creative.

Be sure to give a DIY a try!

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