Last Minute New Years Eve Outfit Idea

Hey Fashloves,

Are you ready for 2016? I know I am! With today being New Years Eve, tons and tons of celebrations are sure to be underway. If you're stuck in an outfit planning rut check out this last minute New Years Eve outfit idea. The top that I am wearing is actually a dress that I purchased from Charlotte Russe (this store always has great deals so be sure to check them out). The dress felt a bit too short for my liking so instead of scraping it completely (I adore the sequins and the sleeves so I couldn't do so) I just paired it with my skirt with a slit. I purchased this skirt from Forever21 a while back and I typically bring it out for occasions where I would like to stand out.

Sometimes when you're a bit last minute and in a rush, you probably won't be able to finish up your make up to your liking. If this is the case then be sure to choose a lipstick color that will add a finishing touch to your look. My liquid lip that I am wearing is LAX from Colourpop cosmetics (love their affordable lippies). I decided to wear my sandal heels and a small black clutch to allow the top stand out.

What outfit will you be wearing to your New Years Eve festivities and how will you be celebrating?

How to Fashionably Prepare for the New Year

Hey Fashloves,

We are currently two days away until the new year begins! So around this time there is always the typical 'New year excitement' buzz going around but I am honestly super stoked for 2016. I have this deep feeling that 2016 will be a year of greatness for a few reasons:
1. I'll be getting married (can't wait!)
2. I'll be graduating from College (really really can't wait)
3. I'll be able to fully pursue my career/dreams
4. I foresee lots of traveling and going new places 

Due to this already extremely busy new year, I have a lot of planning that needs to be done both for my life and of course in the name of fashion/style. Today I'll be providing you all with a few tips to prep for 2016 (and every new year for that matter) especially in the realm of style. 

1. Purchase a Stylish Planner

I know this might sound a bit cliche and you've probably seen and heard this tip a million times but it truly helps! Getting a new planner every year helps support the idea of getting a 'fresh and new start'. I personally purchase my planners from Target because I love the chic and modern designs that the company Sugar Paper provides. There are various planners on the market so I advise you to choose one that includes a monthly calendar, pages for contacts, and a section for notes. I always bring my planner along with me when I have any fashion related meetings so I can easily jot down deadlines into the monthly section, any phone numbers/names of those I need to contact, and what was discussed in the meeting. You can use your planner to also document any fashion ideas that you may have as well as your style goals. 
Specifically getting a more stylish planner keeps me more motivated (crazy, I know) and since it is more appealing to the eye it will continue to draw me towards using it.

2. Sort Through your Closet and Complete a Closet Cleanse

This tip is very important for my clothing lovers and those who enjoy purchasing many pieces throughout the year. If you're like me at all, you truly enjoy getting a good deal and picking up trendy pieces that have caught your eye multiple times. You then get to the point towards the end of the year where you have tons of purchases and some of them you haven't even worn once! You might even have a few pieces from the previous year that you aren't even sure how it got into your closet in the first place. What I typically do to combat the overcrowded closet syndrome is to sort through and complete a closet cleanse. First, go through all of your clothing (yes even those pesky drawers) and pull out all clothing that doesn't fit your style mantra anymore, isn't the correct size, and you haven't worn in a year. Be sure to do the same for your shoes and accessories as well. 

I typically sell my gently used pieces to Platos Closet and what they weren't interested in buying I either donate or give away. This tip helps clear up space so you won't start your new year cluttered and provides you with more space. 
Invest in a clothing rack so you can put your key pieces there so they can be easily accessible.

3. Create a Style Mood Board2016 Mood Board

If you checked out my 2015 Outfit Recap (if not you can do so here) then you know I create style goals for the new year. Creating a mood board will help translate some of the goals you may have and provide inspiration as well. I decided to create a digital mood board but it can be even more fun to create a physical one and put it on display in your room! I plan on creating a more extensive mood board but this simple one showcases that in 2016 I'll be sticking to a neutral color palette, modern pieces, and clean chic lines. You can also use this mood board to keep you organized when shopping.

4. Start the New Year off being Fashion Forward

If you plan on stepping out on New Years Eve be sure to choose a look that will stand out amongst the crowd. The outfit idea that you see above is a quick look I put together featuring one of my favorite fabrics in times of celebration: sequins! I personally believe it is always great to start off the New Year with a fashionable foot forward. Click here to get more details on this glammed look! 

Hope you all enjoyed the tips and the outfit idea I provided you with! Are you guys excited for the New Year? What are a few of your style goals? 

2015 Outfit Recap

Hey Fashloves!

Woo, has this year has flown by or what? I remember just last year I was putting together my outfit recap and reviewing my style for 2014. As I look at my outfits that I've worn this past year I definetly see my style evolving and heading into the direction that I ultimately would like it to be. Lets just say, if Claire Sulmers from Fashion Bomb Daily had to describe my style I would want her to use the words Chic, simplistic, and minimalistic (#futuregoals).

I've probably stated this a million times but I now have a minimalistic mindset so as you can see this year I stuck to wearing staple pieces that are in colors that are more on the neutral side. Although I only showcased a few looks this year, I hope that after viewing these posts you have enjoyed them and even utilized a trick or two that I provided you with.

Something new that I plan on doing each year (and you should too) is creating a style goal for the upcoming year. Personally, I've gotten to the point where I am ready to take my style up a notch and take more fashion risks. Experimenting with different fabrics, manipulating pieces to create an ideal look, and sewing (Can you say more DIYs?) are a few goals that I plan on putting into action in 2016.

I am super excited for this new year and all that will be in store. I have big plans for Fashilluminous, especially after graduation, and hope you all also can't wait to embark on this journey with me! In my next post I'll go more into detail about my fashion path, how to prep for the new year, and might even sneak in an outfit post (so stay tuned!)

Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

Click the images below to access the gift ideas!

Hey Fashlovelies!

We have finally reached the month of December! I absolutely love the Holiday season because it is always filled with much needed cheer and good vibes. I'm currently counting down the days until I'm able to spend time with my family and loved ones (also looking forward to major relaxation before my second to last semester in College approaches).

I wanted to provide all of my Holiday gift givers out there with a quick guide that is filled with ideas of what can be purchased for a lady in your life (you're reading from a budget queen which of course means they aren't expensive either!). Lately I've really been into metallics, marble texture, and faux fur. They scream luxury while having an expensive appearance but can be found at really affordable prices. This gift guide has pieces that is within the realm of my faves and I hope you like them as well!

Guide for choosing gifts

The Make up Junky: If the woman you are shopping for is into make up and looking fab a brush set or eye shadow palette is perfect. It provides them with many pieces within one gift and is very versatile.

The Shoe Lover:  If she is more into shoes, you should lean more towards purchasing a sturdy pair of boots. We will be transitioning into Winter soon so it'll be a gift that she can utilize immediately. Lean more towards either a black, brown, or fall appropriate color (wine, olive green, grey)

The Girl on the Go: What are great gifts for a girl who is always on the go? A watch or a chic phone case of course! A nice watch is a great accessory that adds subtle glam to an outfit while keeping us on track with time. The girl on the go can also typically be found on her cellphone handling business so a phone case that reflects her style would be perfect.

The Luxury Lover: This luxurious lady can always be found in gorgeous dramatic pieces and enjoys standing out amongst the crowd. The most appropriate gifts for her would be faux fur or a sturdy handbag . Fur stoles such as the one shown above are actually very affordable and can be found at your local Forever21.

The Witty One: Every witty girl I know loves a piece with a catchy phrase on it. There are tons of make up bags that I have been seeing with the cutest sayings on them that can also double up as small going out clutches. Stuffing the bag with little items such as nail polish would be an even better addition!

Hope you all enjoyed these gift ideas. Stay tuned for more Holiday themed posts and let me know what gifts you plan on purchasing this season!