Last Minute New Years Eve Outfit Idea

Hey Fashloves,

Are you ready for 2016? I know I am! With today being New Years Eve, tons and tons of celebrations are sure to be underway. If you're stuck in an outfit planning rut check out this last minute New Years Eve outfit idea. The top that I am wearing is actually a dress that I purchased from Charlotte Russe (this store always has great deals so be sure to check them out). The dress felt a bit too short for my liking so instead of scraping it completely (I adore the sequins and the sleeves so I couldn't do so) I just paired it with my skirt with a slit. I purchased this skirt from Forever21 a while back and I typically bring it out for occasions where I would like to stand out.

Sometimes when you're a bit last minute and in a rush, you probably won't be able to finish up your make up to your liking. If this is the case then be sure to choose a lipstick color that will add a finishing touch to your look. My liquid lip that I am wearing is LAX from Colourpop cosmetics (love their affordable lippies). I decided to wear my sandal heels and a small black clutch to allow the top stand out.

What outfit will you be wearing to your New Years Eve festivities and how will you be celebrating?


  1. Gorgeous!!! I personally will be counting down in my finest pjs & a Doctor Who marathon, but I can totally pretend I'm wearing something glittery and lovely like that!

    1. Thank you! Your pjs & marathon sounds like a good plan to me!