5 Signs Fashion Show Production is your Calling

Photo Credit: Caroline Levy Bencheton
Do you know a career in the fashion industry is your calling but not exactly certain which route to go? Ever sat down and realized you absolutely love the logistics fashion shows but not sure if you can obtain a career within that realm? If you have ever felt this way then trust me you are not alone! Tons of millennials are struggling with the same conflict (including myself) and when fashion is thrown into the mix it's a whole different story. With an industry so broad and filled with tons of career choices, it can be hard for anyone to know specifically where they will end up.

After being exposed to fashion show production for many years now, I am almost convinced that it is my calling! Here is fashion show production explained by Alexandre de Betak, founder of Bureau Betak (he planned shows for designers such as Christian Dior, Jason Wu, and Michael Kors):

"My role, ultimately, is to translate and enhance the best, the most personal aspects of a designer or brand, the core of their identity. And my role is also to oversee everything, to ensure that all individual elements of a fashion show tell the same story. The process is not just intuitive, that's a myth. It involves a lot of research and reasoning and there's a real method behind what motivates the choices to do whatever I do, whether it is a fashion show, an event, an exhibition or a film."

1. Planning is your second nature 

If you don't mind planning for months for an event that might only last 15 minutes to 3 hours then you are in the right place. Fashion shows take tons and tons of planning along with proper execution. You must love coming up with innovative ideas and not mind starting from scratch sometimes. When I had the opportunity to put together my first fashion show 'Metamorphosis', I was super excited to be able to create a whole master piece from start to finish. My good friend and I worked literally for hours the first day we started planning where we came up with concepts, layouts, and ideas for the show.

Are you also very detail oriented? That's great! Being detail oriented is important because there are so many aspects that go into a show.  From runway selection to signing of contracts, being on your P's and Q's has to be a top priority.

2. You enjoy being behind the scenes 

While I would love sitting in between Anna Wintor and Kim Kardashian at a Givenchy runway presentation, the thought of being back stage is also very exciting! One perfect way to determine if you would enjoy being behind the scenes is if you don't mind fashion related chaos. Models frantically changing outfits, make up artists completing touch ups, and backstage coordinators calling out names are a few occurrences during a show.

You'll also have to remember that being behind the scenes means you may not be able to converse with the hottest bloggers or latest fashion editors all the time. You'll have to focus on the task at hand, which is making sure the show is going smoothly. 

3. You work well with others

It is impossible to complete a fashion show or event on your own. Designers, models, vendors, and volunteers are a few people you'll have to work closely with which equates to different personalities being in the mix. You'll have to be comfortable listening to others and also able to properly delegate tasks. Remember, not everyone is always nice and you may have to deal with a few egos along the way.

4. You work well under pressure

If you are able to work well under pressure and think quick on your feet, you are already one step ahead. Picture this: models going missing, designers needing assistance, and numerous volunteers calling your name - all within 20 minutes of the show beginning. If you feel as if you would handle situations such as these like a boss then that is perfect! Stress levels typically get really high within a few days of a very large show (think New York Fashion Week) and just remember you may work 18 hours straight (don't worry, I'm preparing myself as well)

5. You accept that fashion isn't always glamorous (but you love shows!)

One piece of advice I've heard numerous times from those in the industry is that fashion isn't always glamorous. A ton of hard work goes into fashion related occupations and I am sure it gets difficult at times. One thing I do know is that if you truly love what you do, the extra stress that comes with the job can be managed. Work life balance is necessary when having a fashion occupation (or any occupation for that matter) and you should plan accordingly.

Ready to kick start your fashion production career? Then embark on this fashion journey with me!

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