Discovering Style: Minimalist or Maximalist

Hey Fashloves,

When it comes to personal style, we all have our preferences as to which looks are our favorites and line up with any style rules we live by. From runway presentations to street style, we are flooded with new trends every season which makes it a bit difficult to stay true to our style mantras. I personally believe one way to alleviate this fashion frenzy is to first figure out what your true personal style is and secondly determine which look you identify with the most. After figuring these out, both shopping and styling yourself should be a breeze. 

Discovering personal style isn't something that happens over night. In fact, it may take years before one can truly become comfortable with their looks and attire. It was during my time in college that I was actually able to hone in on my style preferences and become content with the outfits I produce. I determined that instead of wearing the super bold looks that I became accustomed to prior to college, I grew to prefer and love a more simplistic and chic style. 

This leads into the segment of minimalism and maximalism. While they are both seen as lifestyle preferences for many, within the fashion world these trends are dominating the scene. I believe the knowledge of these two lifestyles essential when it comes to figuring out your look.


When describing a minimalist, the first thing that should come to mind is the concept of less is more. A minimalist can be found in timeless silhouettes, muted color palettes, and chic/simple looks. Most minimalists don't believe in having tons of pieces, instead they prefer to mix and match within their wardrobe creating new looks based on what they have. Since figuring out my personal style I've found myself admiring the minimalist trend and definitely relating to it. My birthday look both this year and last year are perfect examples of how I styled minimalist looks. 


When it comes to maximalism, always think bold and striking prints that instantly stand out. The maximalist isn't afraid of mixing prints, colors, or embellishments and thrives on the mantra more is more. This trend has been featured on numerous runways and becoming more common throughout street style looks as well. 

Now having the knowledge of these two styles of life, it's time to determine which trend you fall under more. Are you a simplistic minimalist or a daring maximalist? Take this quiz to figure out!

Let me know your results!

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