5 Things blogging has taught me

Hey Fashloves,

This month marks the second year that Fashilluminous has officially been live to the public. I’ve probably stated this a million times but every time I think about it I find it crazy how Fashilluminous initially started out as a way for me to simply track my journey as I pursued a career in the fashion industry but has grown into so much more. I wanted to basically keep it to myself and use it as a personal diary if you will. To be completely honest, I also lacked a bit of self-confidence when it came to blogging which contributed to me keeping quiet about it. I thought since I didn’t have a certain ‘look’, there was no point of putting myself out there to the public. It was as if I was setting myself up for failure.

Thankfully because of the push from my Fiancé and close friends I was able to put these negative thoughts to the side and publish my content for the world to see. It was weird. It was different. It made me a bit uncomfortable. But there is honestly a beauty in becoming comfortable being uncomfortable which I learned throughout these 2 years my blog has been live.

I’m sure if you are currently a blogger, you probably can relate to at least one or two points that I’ve learned throughout my journey. I hope this can serve as bit of an inspiration for those who are starting out blogging or even those who have blogged for years.

I learned to be more patient 

After officially deciding to put Fashilluminous out there, I started to create a few goals for myself that I wanted to reach within its first year. I knew I had to build my social media, network with other bloggers, get thousands of views, etc. But when some of these goals weren’t met immediately I started to doubt my work and subsequently thought it wasn’t up to par. One great piece of advice I could give to any aspiring or new bloggers is not to rush your process. There is a beauty in building your blog from the ground up and watching it flourish on its own time. Even if you find your posts having only 10 views or your social media posts lacking some engagement rest assured that with more time and hard work, growth will follow.

I learned to be confident in my work

One thing I take super seriously is the content I create. Over these last two years I learned what worked and what didn't work for my blog. I figured out how to structure the content I knew I wanted to put out and work to have it mirror my brand image. When you first start blogging you may be told "the more content the better" but I believe this advice shouldn't be the case if your posts aren't well thought out or at least cohesive. I'm not saying this to say my posts are perfect but what I have learned is to not necessarily strive for perfection but be confident in the best work you put out.

I learned that I love being creative

Having a blog has definitely allowed my creativity to flourish! From planning out looks to structuring branded content, I've learned how to take a small project from an idea and make it a reality. For those who think blogging can't be that serious, trust me it is! It definitely takes a good amount of time and effort to be a content creator who is satisfied with what they bring to the table. Since having my blog, I have also been able to provide tons of advice for those who are interested in starting a project of their own whether its a new creative business idea or their own YouTube channel. In short, you can say I love spread creativity in the minds of others. 

I learned that blogging takes hard work 

Ever find the tasks that you feel like should be so simple actually the hardest? (think choosing an outfit or even getting out of bed!). One of the hardest tasks that I believe should be the easiest in the blogging world has to be remaining consistent. I usually have tons of fun and fresh content ideas that I can't wait to put out to the public but another part of my life pushes back the production. There have even been times where I would plan out an entire look, piece together the post in my head, take the photos, and in the end be discontent with every single picture. Instead of being in a rut and completely giving up I accept that there will be off days and to put my best foot forward. 

I learned how to find my voice

Growing up I can honestly say I've always found myself in the background. I've never been outspoken and would typically been seen as quiet or shy if you didn't get to know me. This is an ongoing struggle that I have been dealing with but thanks to Fashilluminous I feel as if I found my way to release. Through my blog I've been able to have public speaking engagements and even contribute content to other creators who find that they enjoy my posts. While this is just the beginning of my journey, I'm so grateful for the growth that I have experience thus far.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and can apply a bit of it to your lives! If you are a blogger, let me know what you think blogging has taught you so far and what you would like to accomplish in the future. Until next time fashloves!

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