FashTalks: Post Grad Life, NYFW & Career Confusion

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So let me warn you all, todays post will be a little different. I won't be chatting about the latest fashion trends or giving you guys tips on how to maximize your wardrobe. Today I'm going to be real. I'm going to share my thoughts and hope that it resonates with you. Today I'm going to give the 411 on this journey that I call life and not sugar coat anything. Today is our first FashTalk. 

FashTalks will serve as my opportunity to provide insight on what goes on in this millennial filled mind of mine and share various things that take place in my life that I leave behind the scenes. I promise they won't be blog posts of me going on and on about my woes or pumping up my accomplishments. I would love for this to serve as a conversation for the both of us. So if you agree with me or even want to drop a piece of advice for other readers then please, comment below!

                                 Post Grad Life, NYFW, & Career Confusion 

Woohoo! I finally graduated from college last month (Thank God). While these past four years were awesome, it was definitely time for me to go. Me telling you I was excited is an understatement. I was so ready to start "real" life and get out of the student mentality. Although post grad life has brought me a ton of freedom, the student life has been replaced by adult life and that is a whole other story. 

Everyone who knows me knows that I always have a plan. I am a planner by nature and by sophomore year I already decided exactly where I would be upon graduation. After attending Teen Vogue Fashion University I was so inspired and on fire that I thought I couldn't be stopped. There were days where I spent hours looking up internships and programs that I could take part of. I knew I would be in New York City, working in the fashion industry, and I was so driven to work my way up to my desire profession. Going to NYFW, meeting with editors/executives, and working with top level designers were all apart of my plan. 

Boy was I wrong. 

Here I am, still in Tampa. Not working in the fashion industry. What the heck? 

I can definitely say I was confused. I immediately started doubting what I even wanted to do with my life and didn't understand why the heck I wasn't living my dreams yet. It took me reaching rock bottom to realize, God has me exactly where He wants me. 

The enemy wants me to doubt my abilities. I felt like I should have the perfect career and making a decent salary just because I feel entitled to and it was "planned". Well God has a plan. And that plan is HIS plan. So no I'm not currently in New York City working as a fashion editor for InStyle or Essence. I'm not a top level blogger who is able to give advice on how I'm making 6 figures just with my content. But guess what? I know where I am right now career wise is not my forever. I know that with patience what I am supposed to contribute will be revealed. God is currently birthing my purpose within me and preparing me for what He has in store. 

If any of you are out there are feeling down & confused because you had so many expectations for yourself and you haven't even met half of them, just know you aren't alone. Trust me when I say there are times where everything feels like it sucks. You just want to give up on your present circumstances and you may even question why you went to school in the first place. But just remember there is a light at the end of your tunnel. Stay focused on what God has placed in front of you and work towards goals that were set for you. 

Felt like you are led to start a YouTube channel? Do it. Always feel a pull to create paintings & express yourself through art? Then do it. Want to finally start that creative business that you have been putting on the back burner? You know what I'm going to say by now! Just do it! Although it is easier said then done, the effort of putting your idea to fruition will all be worth it. 

I hope this post gave a little inspiration to those who feel like they aren't sure what to do when things you have had planned for years isn't going your way. Comment below if you relate and if you are feeling these new #FashTalks. 

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