5 Wedding Planning Tips Every Bride Needs to Know

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I know its been awhile and I truly apologize for the delay. Life has been super hectic so trust me I have a ton of updates
to provide you all! (Blog post will soon come). As you may know, I've recently gotten married to my handsome hubby and the process was definitely an interesting one. I wanted to provide any brides (as well as soon to be brides) with a few things I learned during my wedding planning process and what to look forward to on the road to your nuptials!

1. Plan Until You Can't Plan Anymore

When you think about it, your wedding will be one of the biggest events of your life. Not only will you be celebrating the union between your significant other and yourself, you are also sealing the deal and the bond you both currently have. Whether you're planning a grand wedding or a simplistic smaller union, the planning portion is crucial to the success of your wedding. I officially began planning 8 months before the big day and spent a lot of time executing different aspects. 

A few tips I would share: Be sure to get a wedding planning binder to keep yourself organized. Take photos and snapshots of your fave venue or center pieces. Watch videos from other brides to get insight on their experience. This truly helps when piecing together different parts of your wedding. Also, always remember to write everything down. From making a vendor payment to researching a customization, its important to jot down notes in order to reference them if needed. Finally, spend time planning out the little details such as providing gifts to those closest to you, or choosing the best song to get your reception started. All of these details add to making lasting memories. 

2. Choose Your Bridal Squad Wisely

Wedding planning can definitely become overwhelming at times. From vendor meetings to figuring out your guest list, planning proves how crucial it is to have your ride or dies by your side. While some prefer a more intimate bridal party, I would still recommend that you choose those gals who WON'T stress you out. Not only will they keep it real but they'll be able to support and be of help where needed. I recommend that within your bridal party you designate a very dependable point person who will be your go to if anything must be completed.

3. Prioritize Your Most Important Details

If you are on a budget like I was, then you know that unfortunately every detail you've dreamed of may not come to pass. It's best to know which portions of your wedding are the most important to you and scale back on others. The detail that I knew I had to scale back for were the bouquets/boutonnieres. Since I had a pretty large bridal party and didn't particularly want to dish out a ton of cash, I made sure to do my research on which florals would be the most affordable. I ended up scoring the flowers at a very reasonable price and knew not to be extremely picky as well. I recommend that you write out what exactly you want to wow your guests with and let the universe handle the other smaller details.

4. Learn When To Go With the Flow

Looking back at our wedding, I can admit that the most stressful moments occurred a day or two before the big day. I'm an event planner by heart, so honestly I wanted everything to happen perfectly and EXACTLY as planned (I mean who doesn't!). It was during these difficult moments I learned that life definitely switches things up and trust me I learned the hard way. Just remember, instead of trying to always please others make sure that you are content with everything. There were times during the planning process where I should have said no but went along with things because I didn't want to be difficult and of course it ended up biting me in the butt! For example, instead of stressing about the guest list that you've planned for hours that ended up getting skewed due to additional guests, opt for an open seating plan. The hours you spend stressing out can be used for your enjoyment instead (Trust me, I've been here). 

5. Have Fun and Cherish This Moment!

As obvious as this tip is, it is one thing that I wish I could whisper to every bride on their big day before they walk down the aisle. Weddings literally fly by and before you know it you'll be sitting in your hotel room with your hubby at the end of the night reflecting on the day. Be sure to enjoy every moment and have faith that everything will come to pass. One thing I also would recommend brides and grooms do is to take a few minutes to view their reception hall before their guests enter. You'll be able to see all of your hard work and the photographer can even snap a few photos!

I hope these quick tips could help during your wedding planning process. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments below and I'd be happy to help! Our wedding also got featured on Blackbride.com so if you would like to see additional photos, get insight on our relationship or the wedding planning process please click here!

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