Why LivSo Hair Products Should Be on Your Must Have List

Before becoming a naturalista, I definitely can admit that I've been plagued with a dry and itchy scalp. I would find
myself saturating my scalp with various greases that wouldn't cut it after a few days and of course would become frustrated when seeing those flakes appear. At that point I didn't really value the healthiness of my hair, especially while in college because I didn't have the resources I thought I needed to truly care for my hair. Now that I am officially on my natural journey and becoming well informed, I am always keeping an eye out for different products to test out. While attending the World Natural Hair Show I was exposed to this brand that definitely peaked my interest!

LivSo is an expert made hair care line created by Dr. Shari Hicks-Graham whose main mission is to provide individuals with kinky, curly hair effective solutions for dry scalp and brittle hair. Her products immediately made it to my must have list once I gave them a try because I was actually on the hunt for a product that would be tailored to my scalp and the issues that plague it. I purchased the Moisturizing Lotion, which is very innovative to say the least, and was provided with the moisturizing trio pack. Not only is the product very gentle (I have sensitive skin so this is a huge plus!) it also soothed my scalp that is currently tucked away underneath my protective style.

So why should these products make it to your must have list? If you're a naturalista that finds that retaining moisture is a really big problem and stunting your hair care, then LivSo is for you. It is made with select ingredients and is specially crafted for our hair - beginning with our scalp. Instead of simply promising bouncy curls, LivSo actually targets these key issues where hair growth actually stems from and helps those with various textures.

I especially love the thought that was put behind this brand and Dr. Hicks-Graham was super sweet when I met her at the hair show. Cheers to new, innovative hair care products!

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