How to Kick Start Your Blog Like a Boss - Plus A FREE Checklist!

Do you find yourself interested in starting a blog but not sure exactly where to begin? Do you want to share content with the
world but want to ensure that it is properly presented? Trust me you're at the right spot! I've been blogging for many years now so I completely understand how daunting it can be to start something new, especially in the day and age where many others are doing it too. But guess what? I'm here to help! I've been asked many times now for advice on how to start a blog and what tools are needed to get your branding in line as well. Below you'll find a basic guideline on  kick starting your blog and how to boss out the overwhelming feelings that come with it.

Step 1: What Do I Blog About?

So you know you want to blog but why you want to start is extremely important. Do you want to share your journey of being a new mom with the world or showcase bomb outfits that provide fashion inspiration? Regardless of the topic, it is important to focus in on exactly what you want to blog about. Although a blog can serve as a website that doubles as an online personal diary, it's best to know which niche or target audience you would like to appeal to. I recommend that you choose a niche that you love and couldn't picture yourself running out of content about.

Step 2: How Do I Get Started?

First step is selecting your blog name of course! Choosing your name is crucial to the overall feel of your blog. I would recommend choosing a name that is close to your niche or one you're really confident in. Also, think in the long run and consider spelling as well (easier spellings leads to easier search results).

After you determine why you want to blog and your audience, it is time to start putting your website together. You'll have to select which platform you would prefer to use. The most common platforms are:

WordPress: Great to use if you would prefer to have the capabilities to really customize your blog. Although it is more complex, there is a lot you can do with this platform.
Blogger: Extremely easy to use and best for beginners. You may be limited to customizing certain aspects.
Squarespace: Great choice if you would like a full fledged website. There is a fee to use this platform but your website will look absolutely awesome.

Step 3: How Do I Make My Blog Look Bomb?

1. After choosing your name and selecting the platform, it is best to invest in your website domain. Having a domain will give you rights to having your .com (or .org, .net, etc). A domain will make your website have a more professional look opposed to it being or which is automatically provided should you select these platforms. I recommend using GoDaddy or EasyDNS to register your domain (there will be either a yearly or monthly fee for owning your domain).

2. Next thing you'll need to focus on is the branding of your blog. This includes one of my favorite aspects which is the logo. Logos are extremely important because it serves partly as the face of your blog (and is 100% needed should you want to eventually turn your blog into a brand). This is definitely an investment so if you are unable to create one yourself please reach out to someone to have one created for you. Keep in mind that your logo should be clear, concise, and properly represent you. I also recommend that you create a budget to invest in branding materials such as your website theme/template, a camera for photos, etc. When selecting your template, choose one that is easy to navigate and not heavily cluttered.

Step 4: How Do I Market My Blog? 

Now its time to get social! The perfect way to market your blog is to create social media accounts. Personally, I didn't create a separate Instagram for my blog but if you would prefer to not merge the two that is completely okay. Having social accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest provides your audience with an easy way to support and find your content besides surfing on the web. Having different platforms for your blog also gives you the opportunity to share different types of content on those respective pages.

Step 5: Planning and Creating Content

So this is the super fun stuff! After all, you're creating a blog to dish out content right? When it comes to creating your first batch of content, I recommend starting with your best foot forward. You should begin by creating an editorial calendar where you map out the posts that you want to release. Creating a schedule not only helps with organization but it gives you a plan to stick to. When ever a post idea comes to mind I always jot it down in my phone to keep it in my arsenal. Even if you aren't able to create that super awesome post idea you came up with immediately, scheduling it later in your editorial calendar will give you time to prepare for it. Finally, once you've gotten everything pulled together your final step is to create your bomb content!

Hope this guideline helps those out there ready to take the plunge and create their blog! If you still feel like you're stuck in a rut, I'll be glad to help. Click here to fill out some quick info and we can chat!

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