3 Ways to Get Organized for Better Productivity

Are you currently busy, stressed, and overwhelmed but not sure how to fix it? Do you find yourself not being as productive as you could because of all thats going on around you? Trust me, I completely understand. Juggling the different aspects of life can be overwhelming to say the least. Sometimes I would find myself sitting in the middle of all of my mess; irritated and frustrated because my productivity was at an all time low. Whether you're a business owner or a new parent, utilizing your time effectively is important both mentally and physically. Here are 3 ways I organize and declutter for better productivity:

1. I Write Everything Down

To write or not to write, that is the question! When balancing so many different things on a daily basis it can become a bit difficult to remember everything that you have to do. Instead of relying on your memory, take out a few moments during your day to write everything down. Whether its jotting your to do list in your notebook or using a note taking app, putting all that you'll have to tackle in writing will help keep your brain organized. Be sure to also organize your to do lists starting off with what is the most important to complete.

Challenge: Before heading to the grocery store, write down every item you need to purchase. Once you arrive, stick to only purchasing items on your list and nothing else (not even those chocolate chip cookies that are BOGO 50% off!). You'll find that you aren't spending nearly as much time in the store and can accomplish other things on your list!

2. I Declutter Virtually 

If you're an avid computer/phone user like I am, you know that a messy desktop/phone isn't the best. You may even find your brain more scattered if files are all over the place and unorganized. The best way to fix this issue is to create specific folders for different categories of your life. If you're a business owner this is extremely important because you'll want to easily access important documents and photos.  Decluttering virtually will help you think clearer and get rid of junk that you have been holding on to (not to mention it also frees up space on your hard drive!). 

Blogger Organization Tip: If you're a blogger that takes your own photos then you completely understand the struggle of having files ALL over the place. Start off by reviewing your blog to remember which photos belong to each post. Create a folder for your blog and subfolders for each post. Don't forget to create a folder just your branding (logo, icons, etc.) as well!

3. I Clear Up My Mind Each Day

I literally get hit with so many ideas, concerns, and thoughts in my head on a daily basis. With the creative side of my brain constantly moving, I tend to find myself overwhelmed. If you can attest to this, I would recommend dumping everything in your brain. Yes, dump it. These thoughts tend to use up so much brain power that by the end of the day you may find yourself mentally drained and frustrated because you didn't complete your initial important tasks at hand. After dumping the thoughts, the next thing to do is to organize them. I usually begin by determining if the idea/thought is something that I need to complete that day. If it is, I quickly add it to my To Do list. If it isn't, then I archive it by adding it to my notes as something to complete at a later date. Doing this each day will improve your ability to complete important tasks and focus. 

Tip: After clearing up your mind and organizing these thoughts, set reminders on your phone to complete any future tasks at hand. 

Hope these organization/declutter tips will help improve your productivity! 

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