7 Chic Outfits For a Hot Summer Night Out

Today's post is a contribution from guest writer Amy Mia Goldsmith. The lovely Amy Mia shares 7 Chic outfits perfect for a hot summer night out. 

Yes, we get it – you don’t want to think about anything else at this point besides spending yet another weekend chilling by the pool in your swimwear. But, you as well as we know you’ll start panicking about the outfit to wear the moment someone invites out to hang out. Are we right? Of course.

The “problem” with choosing the right outfit for this hot and sticky weather is that, unless you are ready to rock your shorts and a top at every single outing possible, finding the right combination that will help you look fashionable without melting away can get just a tad difficult.

Since we understand the struggle, we’ve put together a list of outfit choices for your hot summer night out to help you look dashing no matter the heat out: 

1. Just us Girls

A night out with the gals is always a perfect opportunity to show off your fashion sense but with a million degrees out does anyone have the strength to? Yes, you do.

Give your summer girls night a special flair by wearing an off shoulder stripy top and ripped denim jeans bottoms. If you feel like it’s too hot to wear denim in this heat, replace that option with a sporty, Adidas-inspired pair of bottoms. The juxtaposition of off shoulder elegance and sporty vibes will make your outfit stand out and give it a very modern, in-trend touch. Pair your combo with gladiator heels and you’re ready to go!

2. A Date Night Out

Let’s be brutally honest here – your date would be happiest if you showed up wearing nothing but a drop of perfume, but – that’s not the vibe we are going for (we’ll leave that for a private session, okay?). To look your best and still present yourself in a summery, effortless manner we suggest you go for a mix of golden elements and nudes that would make your bronze tan pop. Wear a mustard yellow bodycon dress with a see-through, barely-there flowy kimono to add some chic to the outfit. Let your hair down and wear it with golden hoop earrings for an extra exotic flair.

3. Dancing with The Stars

A hot night out dancing is all about a chill, yet an attractive combination. Although it may be a little daring, why not try it, after all: wear your favorite slogan one-piece swimsuit and those cute little shorts paired up in a very sexy outfit. Add a silk, floor-length cardigan to the mix to add drama and add a heel to take things to the next level. You can wear your hair up for a fierce look or down for a more carefree, laid-back attitude.

4. A Relationship Thing

When you are going out on a date with your boyfriend/hubby, you want to wear an outfit that will be both stimulating (to him) and ladylike. We’d suggest wearing a chic (loose) boyfriend shirt over nude Capri pants, paired with nude heels. Wear a golden choker for a fabulous pop of lux and tie your hair in a messy pony. Some lip gloss and mascara will do the trick as the makeup goes.

5. They Said it’s a Special Occasion

When you are invited to a special occasion whether it’s a birthday party, an engagement party, your friend’s wedding, a dinner party… you want to look dazzling without having drops of sweat rolling down your back.

A special occasion calls for any of the fabulous maxi dresses you own. Why a maxi? It’s luxurious, it’s charming and it covers almost everything while adding a touch of mystery to what’s under it. Let your chosen dress flow around your figure for a subtle chic vibe; opt for a clean color to add elegance and grace to the outfit. We love the idea of white and gold paired in a single outfit, especially if we are talking about a white, long dress paired with golden woven sandals, golden choker, diamond bud earrings and golden cuffing. Someone said Greek goddess?

6. Only Drinks and Nibbles 

A chill day out with the girls, your parents, family or co-workers calls for a bare shoulder floral dress or an embroidered caftan with flats or gladiators for a stylish, yet toned down vibe. We love the idea of summer dresses and skirts as they let the skin breathe, are easy to dress up or down and look fantastic every time. Plus, they flatter every body type and size!

7. That Beach Party 

Beach parties are our favorite summer thing ever! Remember Beyonce in ‘Drunk in love’? Well, that’s the kind of outfit we’d suggest you wear. A sheer maxi dress with a hot black bikini under. Be barefoot and let your hair down. You’re welcome.


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