Top 7 Skin and Beauty Tips for the Fall

Today's post is a contribution from guest writer Amy Mia Goldsmith. The lovely Amy Mia shares 7 Chic outfits perfect for a hot summer night out. 

Fall is finally around the corner, and if you want to know how to stay healthy and beautiful during this season, just stay with us and keep on reading. Here are seven amazing tips on how to make that happen!

1. Reassess Your Favorite Body Cleansers

Yes, we know that fruity and citrusy fragrances simply scream summer and that they were probably your favorite ones during the previous season, but it’s about time you ditched them and switched to more fall-friendly ones. Even though gels were your number one choice during the last couple of months, you should definitely opt for creamier formulas that won’t dry your skin out and make it look dull and lifeless.

2. Don’t Skip the Scrub

A gentle scrub two to three times a week is an absolute must, both for your face and your body, so make sure not to skip it at any cost. Oil-based scrubs are definitely the best choice for fall since they provide you with exfoliating benefits and hydrating oils at the same time, which is what your skin really needs. Australian girls swear by such scrubs because their summers are extremely hot, so their skin needs extra nourishment as soon as winter comes.

3. Moisturize Every Single Day
Skipping your moisturizer is a huge mistake if you want to keep dry skin at bay. If you want to get the most of it, make sure to apply it right after you’ve dried off after showering. It’ll penetrate your skin much better, since your pores will be still open from the steam and warm water, which will help your skin use all those amazing ingredients in the best possible way. If you’re looking for a beauty product that does an amazing job and smells fantastic, search the label for cocoa butter.

4. Don’t Forget your Hands and Feet

Your hands and feet also deserve proper hydration and nourishment, so don’t forget to pay attention to them once the chilly weather kicks in. Your hands are likely to become dry and cracked when the temperature drops, so start moisturizing them ASAP. The same goes for your feet, so provide them with extra care and you won’t have problems popping back into your sandals when the time comes.

5. Get a Facial Every Now and Then

Getting a facial every now and then can really help your skin repair from exposure to the sun, so be sure to book an appointment at your local beauty salon. Of course, you can take great care of your skin in the comfort of your own home, but seeing a professional is always a good idea because they can always look at your skin from a different perspective, address some potential problems you may be facing, and let you know which kind of product is appropriate for your skin type.

6. Rejuvenate Skin in the Blink of an Eye

On the other hand, if you’re into rejuvenated and younger-looking skin in the blink of an eye, there are particular non-invasive treatments that will definitely be your cup of tea. One of these includes dermal fillers, adored by ladies from all over the globe. Women in Australia often turn to professional estheticians who help them maintain their beauty at the highest possible level, which is why dermal fillers in Perth are gaining momentum these days. These will restore hydration and your facial contours, and fall is the perfect time to get them done!

7. Switch to a Balanced, Nutrient-Rich Diet

Apart from taking care of your body from the outside, it’s extremely important that you nourish it from the inside, which is why you should switch to a nutrient-rich diet as soon as possible. Of course, fresh fruit and veggie selection will be limited when compared to summer, but there are still ways to stay healthy and eat properly. Apples, Brussels sprouts, pumpkins, turnips, and many other are there for you, so use them in the best way and prepare some delicious meals!

As you can see, there are so many things you can do in order to stay healthy and beautiful this fall. Just make sure to stick to our tips and you’ll see some fantastic results!

Thank you Amy Mia for sharing these awesome tips! Be sure to check out her contributions to highstylife and follow her on Twitter @GoldsmithMia

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