My Current Beauty and Skincare Favorites

These past few months I have absolutely obsessed with beauty and skincare products! While I am a bit weary of trying out skin care products due to my sensitive skin, I have been diving into the world of make up and have had to control myself along the way (budgeting is so real). These beauty products above have been my go-to's for the month of September and October so keep reading below to find out why!

When it comes to make up application, setting powders are extremely important because it does just that - it sets all of your hard work in place and ensures that the products applied won't move. Along with my Sacha Buttercup Powder, which will forever be my holy grail, my L.A Girl Pro powder in this banana shade is everything. The powder is finely milled and doesn't feel heavy when applied on my face. I use this powder to set underneath my eyes along with the Sasha powder and it adds the perfect amount of brightness. Did I mention it was only $4.99 at my local beauty supply?

As I stated above, when it comes to skincare I get very nervous about testing out new products. I have dry, sensitive skin so I was in search of a really good moisturizer that wouldn't break the bank. Skin care can get pretty pricey (which is understandable) but I prefer to not immediately spend as much money if it isn't recommended by my dermatologist because theres a chance that money may go right down the drain. Any who, the Belif Moisture Bomb has been my lifesaver! It applies really smoothly, is dermatologist tested, and does exactly what it promises. My skin has felt softer and I always wake up with hydrated skin when I apply it at night. Speaking of application, I do apply it before I prime my face and in the evening after I've cleansed.

One make up product I can't enough of is a really good highlighter. This Dose of Colors 'Mirame' highlight from their Desi x Katy collection is life! Once this collection dropped I knew that I had to scoop up this highlighter because it was calling my name. I believe it suits darker skin complexions very well and when applied gives a very wet look that I am absolutely here for. It goes on very smoothly and doesn't have a chunky glitter look which some highlighters have. It is a limited edition product so I was glad I could get my hands on it.

Speaking of the Dose of Colors Desi x Katy collection, I have also been loving their 'More Creamer Please' lipstick. Aside from the bomb aesthetic, this lipstick has been my go to nude lip color. I do have to be pair it with a brown lip liner but it such a gorgeous and different shade. I usually top it with 'Weho' lip gloss from Colourpop or my go to gloss from Revlon and I'm good to go! This is also limited edition so fingers crossed I don't end up running out of this shade!

Ya'll, this Colourpop concealer right here is bae. This product hands down has been my ultimate favorite for the month of September and I'm sure will stay that way for as long as possible. The application of the No Filter Concealer is so smooth and creamy. I personally also really like the applicator they chose for this product because it moves the product around easily and helps it glide across your skin. I purchased it in the color Deep Golden 60 for under eye highlighting and it definitely gets the job done plus more! With it also being very reasonably priced at $6 I've found no reason to put this concealer down (I already purchased a back up!). It does usually sell out pretty quickly since it is a high demand product so I would recommend checking the website to see if it has been restocked.

Top to Bottom: 'Mirame' Highlighter, 'Deep Golden 60' Concealer, 'More Creamer Please' Lipstick

As I continue to try new products I'll be sure to update you all with my faves and what I highly recommend. Let me know your current beauty favorites below!

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