Purposely B.E.A.T Painted Pink Event Recap

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of attending Purposely B.E.A.T, a breast cancer awareness and clean beauty event hosted by an awesome organization entitled Painted Pink, Inc. When I attended the event, October was around the corner so I knew both supporting and contributing to an important cause such educating women about breast health was crucial. Painted Pink serves as a resource for millennial women to not only take charge of their breast health but provides access to mentors and medical professionals. Being both a millennial woman and knowing family members/friends who have suffered from breast cancer (luckily are survivors), I can definitely say this event hit home for me.

One aspect I loved about the event and Painted Pink as an organization is how they truly want to make the conversation of breast health comfortable. It's important for us as women to advocate for ourselves and to ensure that we're properly checking our bodies. I also really appreciated hearing the story of a millennial survivor by the name of Danika, who was diagnosed last year with stage 2 breast cancer. I was also able to chat with Ms. Hadelia Thompson where I learned about her unique story of being diagnosed with breast cancer although she had no lumps. It takes seeing someone going through such a trying time and remaining strong to remember how serious and important this really is.

The second portion of the event focused on the importance of clean beauty and being aware of what products are coming in contact with your skin. Led by the make up artists of the NARS Boutique in Buckhead (who doesn't love NARS btw), we were able to learn proper skincare techniques, ingredients to avoid in beauty products, and how to create a flawless make up look. For all of my make up lovers, be sure to avoid foundations with minerals and exfoliate/moisturize for great skin.(Be sure to read those labels ladies!)

All in all, I truly enjoyed my time at this event as I was able to walk out with tons of knowledge and met great women. To find out more information about Painted Pink, Inc be sure to visit their website www.paintedpink.org and take the pledge with me to take charge of your breast health and incorporate clean practices into your beauty regimen. Their 4th annual bruncheon where breast cancer survivors are celebrated is also around the corner so click here for more information and purchase your ticket to attend!

Thank you Painted Pink, Inc for inviting me to this event!


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