You May Not Get Support As An Entreprenuer and Thats Okay

When I first started my journey of entrepreneurship I was literally on cloud 9. My husband and I are very passionate people when it comes to starting a business and ultimately working for ourselves so we put our all into becoming entrepreneurs. When you have such a strong desire and put so much work into a project you expect others to jump on board and support you right?


When you first create your business, especially if it's a product based business, you may anticipate that at least those around you will provide your first batch of support. Unfortunately that isn't always the case and I'm here to say that you shouldn't let this bother you or deter you from your ultimate goal. Nothing is worse then being let down due to the expectations of other people, especially when its a family member or friend. To be honest, when you first begin your road to full time entrepreneurship it may actually feel a little lonely. In the beginning most business owners literally have to build from the ground up and typically don't have the direct contacts that they can immediately go to when they're first starting out. You know what that means? That means that there will be times where you may not be able to hang out because you have a deadline to reach or stay up too late because you have an important phone call in the morning.

Because of this, not everyone will understand why you're actually doing this. Stepping outside of the norm is different and honestly being different, especially when a risk is attached, isn't always received well. You also may be faced with outside people rooting for your failure. There is a chance that there might be individuals out there watching your business moves to see how everything is going to work out. I'm here to say, instead of focusing on what they think and how they feel, continue to step outside of your comfort zone and achieve your dreams. Don't let those around you dictate how you should see your future.

When my husband and I didn't receive all of the support we anticipated with our product based business I decided that instead of being salty, I should see it from their perspective. Not everyone may be as financially stable to purchase your product/service but if you find them checking up on you, providing feedback, and cheering you on; this still definitely counts as support. Getting valuable insight is crucial when starting your company and can definitely be used accordingly.

When I have to provide advice to those first starting a project I always encourage them by saying that you never want to look back years from now with regret because you never reached for the stars. If you are currently dealing with lack of support, let that fuel you to push forward. Whether you're not getting a response from another company you'd like to collaborate with or being scrutinized instead of supported, spend this time being your biggest advocate and master your craft. Eventually everyone will see your true potential that you've seen all along!



  1. Love this one Mish!! Can't wait to read your next post!

  2. Yes girl! Love this encouragement! I'm rooting for you and the rest of us entrepreneurs!