5 Unique Gift Ideas for a Lady Boss

Today's post is a contribution from guest writer Amy Mia Goldsmith. The lovely Amy Mia shares 5 Unique Gift Ideas for a Lady Boss.

It seems as if only yesterday we were all hyped up about Halloween, whereas now we’re all waiting for Thanksgiving. In a blink of an eye, we’ll be all about the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve parties, our heads filled with gift and outfit ideas. Buying gifts is always challenging, especially when you want to buy something fun, meaningful, and useful at the same time. Read on to discover five great gift ideas for lady boss in your life.

1. Digital Photo Frame

Women entrepreneurs work hard, anyone will tell you that, as they struggle to make their dreams come true and prove to both themselves and the world that they can achieve anything. Sometimes, they work so hard that they lose motivation and feel too tired to keep on fighting. This is where you step in with your great gift: a digital photo frame. It’s an amazing gadget that’s useful and elegant at the same time. You can upload photos of all those who support you and believe in you, and you can keep it on your desk, so you can be reminded of all the reasons why you try so hard.

2. A Planner

There doesn’t seem to be enough sticky notes in this world to write down all the things that need to be done by Friday or Monday. Your boss probably already has a planner, but it’s also likely to be filled with papers, ideas, and sticky notes. A nice planner is something every hard-working person needs, and being in a position of power, you boss will appreciate a personalized one. Try adding custom made planner charms, dashboards, and dividers which will help her stay organized even when things get hectic.

3. Texting Gloves

The holiday season means another thing: cold weather! Windy, snowy, or rainy, November and December always make us take out our coats, scarves, and gloves. The downside of this is being unable to use your phone until you take your gloves off. As a hard-working lady, your boss is probably always on her phone, and will much appreciate simple texting gloves. Staying warm and in touch has never been this easy – there are many great touch screen gloves on the market, from cashmere lined ones from Bloomingdale’s to double-layered knit ones from Moshi.

4. Workout Gear

If your boss is mad about fitness, a healthy lifestyle, and the gym, workout gear is an ideal gift for her. Gym rats always have their gym bag stashed somewhere in their office, seeing as going to the gym is always on their to-do list. They either walk into the office straight from their morning workout session, use their lunch break to hit the gym, or they like to end their long day by sweating the stress out in a yoga class. A nice pair of active pants or shorts, a form-fitting tank, or even a new pair of running shoes will certainly make their day.

5. Portable Charger

We already emphasized the importance of smart phones in every entrepreneur’s life, but that also means that their phone batteries may not be doing so well. For anyone who travels a lot or uses their phone a lot, a portable charger is a great gift. An emergency charger for all electronic devices, small enough to fit into any bag, or stylish enough to be worn (think phone charging wallet or even a phone charging purse), these little gadgets are lifesavers and are incredibly useful.

With the holiday season just around the corner, you will remember exactly how hard it is to find the perfect gift for anyone, especially a lady entrepreneur. Luckily, these simple ideas will help you pick the right gift – unique, wonderful, and incredibly useful at the same time. Giving gifts such as these is a great way to show those very busy women in your life that you really appreciate and understand them, and that is something everyone needs to know.

Thank you Amy Mia for sharing these fab gift ideas! Be sure to check out her contributions to highstylife and follow her on Twitter @GoldsmithMia

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