Best Fall/Winter Lipsticks for Women of Color

Lately I've been engrossed with all things fall, beauty products included. During the summer I primarily wore nude lipsticks and glosses but now that we've entered this time of the year I've been gravitating towards deeper shades. Your girl is definitely here for a deep, vampy lip so you know I'll be incorporating them into my upcoming looks that I feature here on Modernly Michelle. 

These four shades in particular have been added to my top of the list as the absolute best Fall/Winter lippies for women of color. I love love love the pigmentation, color, and application that each of these lipsticks provide and can attest to the fact that they look beautiful on women of darker skin complexions. 

Left to Right: NYX Lip Lingerie in 'Beauty Mark' / Dose of Colors Desi x Katy Liquid Lipstick in 'Savage' / Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipstick in 'Brandy' / Anastasia Beverly Hills in 'Potion' 

Lets quickly get into the details as to why these are top rated in my book:

NYX Lip Lingerie in Beauty Mark: As I stated previously, I basically rocked nude lipsticks and glosses all summer long so I had to find a pretty good shade that I could substitute for my nudes in the fall/winter. This NYX lippie is perfect because it is a muted brown, nude-y shade that also looks great when I create an ombre by adding another nude lipstick in the center. The applicator and the creamy texture that NYX formulated is awesome as well.

Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick Desi x Katy in Savage: Ya'll this color is bomb dot com! Not only is the deep plum shade to die for but the formulation is like none other. I've always heard people rave about Dose of Color's formula and after trying it for myself I can cosign that it is everything. It is more on the mousy side so it makes precise application pretty easy. This color also compliments darker skin complexions perfectly!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipstick in Brandy: I picked this up recently during Ulta's 20% off sale as I was in need of a new burgundy lipstick. To be honest, I hadn't purchased an actual lipstick (not liquid lipstick) since way back when MAC ruled the beauty world. I also heard great reviews on Anastasia's new lipstick line so I thought why not give it a chance. I'm so glad I did because I'm loving it! It is a more on the brown-burgundy side which we all know is a win for women of color.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Potion: If you're looking for a very vampy, deep purple color then your girl has got you covered. I already have looks in my head that will go perfectly with this shade so be sure to stay tuned to see this color in action. I'm an avid lover of the quality and packaging of Anastasia's products and this one doesn't disappoint. This shade is will look great with outfits during the winter as well.

Dose of Colors Desi x Katy Lipstick in 'Savage' Pictured Above
What are your favorite shades that you'll be rocking this fall and winter season? Let me know below!

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