Fall Fashion Edit: Black is the New Black

Being that fall is my favorite season of the year, I've found myself absolutely relishing because I'm now able to experience an actual autumn here in Georgia. My fellow Florida gals understand the struggle of only seeing green leaves on the trees all year round. I've also decided what not a better way to kick off this season then by showcasing my favorite pieces that I would highly recommend every fashionista add and incorporate into their fall fashion wardrobe. The pieces I'll be sharing are also essential because they can be worn for seasons to come (Trendy + Staples = A Win-Win!).

Through this all black outfit I'm featuring today, I'm able to introduce three of my top rated pieces for the fall season all at once. This includes the long sleeve turtle neck, faux leather skirt, and thigh high boots. Not only do these pieces tie together perfectly, but sporting them in an all black outfit cam elevate the chic appeal. They are also easily interchangeable and if you're anything like me you understand the importance of being able to take one piece and produce various bomb looks.

Shop my look below:

Now lets quickly address the elephant in the room. Lately I've been hearing people bring up various colors and state that they're actually the new black and I'm here to say heck no to those statements! As an avid wearer of the color black I can definitely attest to it being a staple but the perfect way to make a statement without doing the most. Black is most definitely the new black. How about that? (haha!) 

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