Why You Need to Listen to Podcasts in 2018

With the new year quickly approaching I'm sure you all are creating your goals and resolutions that you are looking to accomplish. I'm currently doing the same and I've been finding myself needing a daily dose of inspiration and information while I go throughout this process. Let me tell ya'll - Podcasts have been giving me LIFE. I'm all about watching a good video or reading an informative article, but there is just something about listening to stories or being provided with tips while I'm on the go that has really helped me this last quarter of the year specifically.

I've really been focused on self development this year and I think that starts with being intentional with what you listen to and who you surround yourself with. I can say since taking out the time to listen to certain podcasts, I've been more motivated, focused, and inspired to complete what God has set for me. Being provided with insight on being a black woman entrepreneur from the Black Girl Boss Podcast to getting business/life advice from the Myliek Taught You Podcast, I can definitely say I've ended 2017 on a pretty good note mentally.

I totally recommend browsing through iTunes or Soundcloud to search for a Podcast that you can relate to. I love that I can listen to these episodes while handing business or completing tasks and not being distracting since it isn't a video. Whether it's about faith, business, or current topics; I really feel like you can low key level up this new year with what you learn from these individuals. I'll be sure to share any new Podcasts I start listening to within the upcoming weeks and if you find any that you love be sure to share them with me below!

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