Artist Couture x Jackie Aina La Bronze Diamond Glow Powder Review

If someone asked my what one of my favorite parts of my beauty routine is I would definitely have to say applying my highlighter. I love to glow (even in the winter ya'll), so when I find a bomb product that will have my cheeks beaming then I make it my mission to check it out. The La Bronze Diamond Glow Powder has been on my "need to buy" list but unfortunately had been sold out since it first launched. This loose highlighter was curated by the oh so fabulous and outspoken Jackie Aina on Youtube and the Artist Couture team. Besides the fact that this highlighter absolutely BOMB, I'm glad I was able to support Jackie because I love that she stands for women of color in the beauty industry. 

So let's get into this diamond glow powder ya'll. So this is my first time purchasing my own loose highlighter but I have experimented with them in the past so I didn't find it difficult to use. This powder does retail for $28.99 but I did have to pay a bit for shipping so I believe I paid around $33 to receive it. The good thing about this highlighter is that a little goes a long way so I'm sure I'll have it for awhile before it runs out so its definitely worth the money.

La Bronze is a true rose gold shade and absolutely perfect for darker skin complexions. Jackie formulated this color because she felt that while there are other rose gold highlighters on the market, the pigments weren't rich enough and appeared frosty on her skin complexion. I can attest to experiencing the same with other pressed highlighters that I've tried so that of course made me even more eager to get my hands on La Bronze. Another good thing about this product is that it can also be used as an eyeshadow. I wore it in the photo above (hopefully you can see it) on my eyes and it added the perfect pure rose gold shimmer. 

Would I recommend this product?

Yes, yes and yes! If you are a woman of color like me then you may have experienced dealing with beauty products looking completely different on you then what the product claims. Artist Couture and Jackie were able to hit the nail on the head with this Diamond Glow Powder and followed through for ya girl! If you aren't a major glow getter then don't fret. This product is buildable so adding a little will give you a subtle glow and it can be packed on to add brightness. 

Thinking about giving this product a try? Let me know below! Artist Couture and Jackie Aina also released a sister to La Bronze called La Peach that I'm hoping to scoop up soon! 


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