Celebrating #OurHeritage with Heritage1933's Beauty Box

With the new year finally here the Curlfluence team is so excited to be partnering up with Heritage1933 for the latest #OurHeritage campaign! If you aren't familiar with this awesome brand, Heritage1933 is a natural beauty beauty company that challenges the narrow perception of beauty. Their mission focuses on celebrating natural beauty while helping women and children in need. Their products are formulated with natural ingredients and they stand behind not using any toxic additives. 

Lets jump into the box shall we!

When I first took a look in the box Self Care instantly popped into my head. It is chock-full of beauty goodies that are perfect for the days when you want to relax, unwind, and pamper yourself after a long week. The contents of the box include:

Ms. Know it All Whipped Hair & Body Moisturizing Butter 
Purity Clay Mask
O.M.G Seal & Moisturizing Oil
But First, Coffee Exfoliating Coffee Scrub

The Ms. Know It All is a fluffy whipped butter that glides smoothly on the skin. I love how it gives a nice sheen when applied and is perfect for the colder months. This butter can also be used on your hair as well when completing your LOC or LCO method.

The Purity Clay Mask does just as the name states. It purifies the skin as it serves a detoxing method. It comes in a powder form and just needs to be mixed with water (or Apple Cider Vinegar if you're fancy) to turn into a thick consistency. I usually mask while completing other tasks (or watching a YouTube video) and sure to leave it on for about 15 minutes or so. This will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean! It also can be used on your hair ya'll; multipurpose for the win.

But First, Coffee Exfoliating Scrub is bomb! I love using scrubs as they get rid of your dead skin and reveals smooth, healthy skin from underneath. I only use scrubs on my body as of now since my face is pretty sensitive but this does the job of reviving the skin.

O.M.G Seal and Moisturizing Oil is an oil free of parabens and instead as wonderful essential oils such as olive oil and jojoba oil (one of my fave!). This can be used directly on your scalp or as a sealant on wash days either after or before adding your cream. I love the spin top for accurate precision and the smooth feeling of it.

When first checking the products out I couldn't get over the bomb packaging! This company not only stands behind a great cause but they also provide quality items that are good for the hair, body, and mind for that matter. Celebrating my heritage has been made easy thanks to Heritage1933!

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