Fashion Fun: Husband Styled Me

Happy Tuesday ya'll! I hope you all have started this new week on the right foot and like a boss! I wanted to incorporate something fun on my blog and happy to introduce this edition of Husband Styled Me! If you're new to Modernly Michelle you may not know that I am married to my lovely husband Brandon and have been for over a year now (we've been together for 7 years this year!). While Brandon is always involved behind the scenes I thought it would be fun to have him put together a look for me to wear and bring it to the blog for you all to take a look.

So for this challenge I had Brandon pick out every piece of this look - from my sunnies down to even my lipstick color. I allowed him to put this outfit together while I did my make up because I didn't want to be hovering over him along the way (lol!). I did pop in here and there to check on my status of the outfit building and it was so fun watching him sift through my closet and hold up various pieces to see if they went well together. 

Brandon thinks that this look is perfect for a quick meeting with a colleague or to a more casual networking event. My husband is definitely a business man so I figured the look he would create would be entered around getting things done while still looking polished. I think he did a pretty good job for his first time styling me and if you all like this series I'll definitely see if he'll be open to styling me more often!

How do you think Brandon did? Let me know below!

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