My Skincare Favorites + Routine for Dry Skin

Happy Tuesday loves!

So I'll be bringing a new aspect to my blog - uploading YouTube videos! These videos will consist of the same style of content I create here (fashion, business, lifestyle, and beauty) but of course will be created in a video form opposed to creating a full blog post. I'm excited to bring add this type of content into my rotation and I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I loved filming it!

Today I'm sharing my ultimate skincare favorites, giving details about my routine, and sharing my experiences dealing with my skin (the good & the bad). If you suffer from dry skin or thinking about trying out different skin care products be sure to check out the video below and of course let me know your thoughts! Your support is always appreciated and please like/subscribe if you enjoyed watching!

Also, if you have any video requests please be sure to let ya girl know!

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