Spring Time Ready: Off the Shoulder Top + Green Cargo Pants

Yay! It's almost Spring time and at this point I am literally counting down the days until Winter is completely over. I was so stoked when I checked the weather and seen we were going to have a pretty warm day in Atlanta this past weekend so I knew this look would be perfect to capture. I also had fun with this look because:

1. My top is thrifted.
2. It's a regular top that I maneuvered into an off the shoulder top.
3. These are the same cargo pants from my Fall Fashion Edit blog post from last year that I switched up.
4. I was finally able to style one of my favorite accessories from this season.

I recently picked thrifting back up as a hobby and I have been loving it lately! I truly enjoy sifting through the clothing & finding gems that can literally be found in store but for a fraction of the price (win-win!).

If you aren't new to my blog then you should know that off the shoulder tops are my jam! I love how it adds a touch of femininity to a look and can easily be dressed up or down depending on your mood and the occasion. I'm actually adding tons of off the shoulder tops & dresses to my online shopping carts so just know that you can anticipate seeing them during the Spring/Summer time. I decided to pair this top with my fave cargo pants because I believe the colors blend very well together and it just worked perfectly over all!

Are you ready for Spring as much as I am? Let me know below along with your favorite piece that you look forward to wearing next season!

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