Women On The Move Feature: Precious K. Williams

As the month of March is Women History Month I knew now was the perfect time to launch my Women On The Move series that has been on my heart for some time now. I love supporting women, seeing us thrive, and watching how we find a way to balance so many different things that life throws at us. As we are in a place where we sometimes still aren't seen as equal, I knew I had to make it my mission to showcase awesome, talented women that I've met here on my blog. I'm so glad to be showcasing GREATNESS and invite you guys to read the stories of these women including how they got started with what their doing, inspiration, and advice for you all. 

Today I'm glad to introduce my first Women On The Move feature Precious K. Williams of Simply Passionate Life! I met Precious here in Atlanta at an event we were both covering and instantly enjoyed her energy. She's a believer of Christ, wife, mom, educator, and an avid supporter of living a passionate life. She also has a website and blogs her life of faith, family, and fitness. Take a look below to learn more about Precious! 

Tell us about yourself and your brand Simply Passionate Life. 

My name is Precious K Williams and I am a lover, leader and joy influencer! I am a speaker in Atlanta that utilizes a variety of platforms to share my message of how to live a Simply Passionate Life! As a brand we teach women how to live a joy-filled life so they can be present and content in any circumstance! I love engaging people and enlightening them of the everyday moments that they should be capitalizing on rather than complaining about! Our main aims are faith, family, and fitness; however we endeavor to inspire women to love the life they've been given while they work for the life that they want.

What made you take the plunge and create your personal brand?

Its actually a funny story! I had been sitting on the idea for about 3 months and just really wanted everything to be perfect before launching! I was sick and tired of the negativity that was rampant on my timeline and really felt that people lacked joy! So the week of the 2016 presidential election it hit me! There are people that could care less about being perfect. They take leaps of faith and figure out the details later! If a reality tv star with no political experience can become a president why can't a counselor with a story work to empower women! Through this, have become a huge #believer in "start where you are with what you have!"

Through your passion of health and wellness, how do you encourage others to live passionately within that aspect?

I believe that your life is only as good as your mindset! Simply Passionate Life approaches joy from a holistic wellness framework. That means that we teach women to prioritize health from their minds, to their bodies, and to their souls. Through my own weightloss journey (75lbs lost from an 18/20 to a size 6/8) it wasn't until I stopped compartmentalizing my fitness and began addressing my mental and spiritual well-being as a part of the process that I truly saw results!

What is your favorite part of being a girl boss?  

My favorite part of being a girl boss is being able to impact other women. It's kind of funny because I don't consider myself a boss so I think it's a flattering question, but I do they consider myself a joy influencer!  I want to help women see that all things are possible through Christ who strengthens us. I also want to encourage those who may come from a setback that they can overcome. I didn't speak English until I was 4 years old and now I'm speaking in front of large groups of women telling them my story about self confidence, self worth, and self-determination. Being your own boss does not mean canceling out the need for others; it means impacting others along your journey to success!

What is your method of living passionately?

One of my models is that every moment is a message, you just have to pay attention! That is one way that I strive to live passionately. By looking at life as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than just tangible milestones to accomplish, I am able to find contentment even if the situations don't go my way. So many of us are on a hamster wheel pursuing some future destination that we don't learn valuable lessons along the way. It's so important to enjoy the journey! Don't let life happen; we must do the living and invest in the people that have been put along our paths!

What inspires you to keep pushing forward and excelling in your space?

I am motivated by the community. I'm motivated by the women that may feel overwhelmed or stuck in a rut and need encouragement to live with contentment. I believe life is way less about accomplishments than relationships. It means a lot to me to be able to build intentional relationships with women along my journey!

What is some advice you have for someone who wants to start their brand but afraid to do so?

My first piece of advice would be: feel the fear and do it anyway! If you are afraid, you are in the company of great men and women who have done some incredible things in history. The things that are the most impactful are the things that we think we are incapable of doing; so let your faith overcome your fear. I would also say “learn how to have it all even when you can't have it all". As a mom, a wife, and as a plain old woman, we want to have it all. We want to be everything for everyone and we can't. Some days you will be a superwoman, who gets it all done, and feel like you have it all. On other days, you will get none of it done and feel like “Lord Why?”. However, even on those days, remember you already have it all in Christ. We lack nothing in him! We've been given the power to overcome this world and to live for him and His glory. So even when we don't “have it all”, remember that everything that we get is just the icing on the cake. This leads to my last piece of advice: you must know your “why”. Why are you doing what you're doing? From having kids to getting married to starting your business to working at that body; why did you begin? Keeping this consistent reminder in mind will help you realize you already have all you need even when you can't literally have it all.

How can someone get involved with your passionate living movement?

The best way to stay connected with me is through my website www.SimplyPassionateLife.com
Not only do I have monthly meetups for my community, I have two coaching packages that both include a complimentary introductory passionate living call, and lastly I host a quarterly 31 day wellness challenge! I'm always excited to connect with people via social media as well so join us @simplypassionatelife on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram! (@simplypreshkw on twitter).

Hope you all enjoyed learning about Precious! Stay tuned for my next Women On the Move Feature!

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