Women's EntreprenuHERs Brunch 2018 Event Recap + Interviews

On Saturday, March 17th I had the honor of attending the 3rd annual EntreprenuHERs brunch that was held here in Atlanta, GA. The EntreprenuHERs brunch is an event that caters to female entrepreneurs as well as those who aspire to becoming entrepreneurs. During this event guests are able to network with one another, get educated, and leave inspired with all of the knowledge that they were provided with. From the awesome, insightful panelists to the eager to learn guests that filled the room, I can confidently say that after attending this brunch not only did the attendees leave empowered but also extremely motivated by the panelists through their stories and insight (I know I did!)

To kick off the event, singer Rae (also known as RaeMuze) blessed our ears with a gospel song. Not only did this set the tone for the event but beginning with a musical performance captured hearts immediately. After chatting with Rae I actually learned that she got started with singing after her uncle handed her a mic and told her that he felt like she could sing. She later determined her passion for singing through God and being able to sing in church pushed her even further in her endeavors. With Beyonce as her inspiration, Rae aspires to have a selfless career where she ensures that her fans are a top priority. 

We were then allowed to grab our meals that was catered by Chef Renee (which was absolutely bomb!) and for VIP guests it included bottomless mimosas (win-win girl). The event went into a networking portion shortly after where guests were able to learn more about each other and their businesses. With networking being an important aspect in business it was great seeing the ladies swap business cards & share what they were up to in the realm of entrepreneurship. 

The second portion of the event started off with a Q&A directed to the lovely panelists.The panelists for the brunch included:

Lindsey Walker, Founder of WAMG + PR Girls Do it Better
Tara Gates Anderson, Celebrity Interviewer + Media and Branding Expert
Milan Mobley, CEO of Umanagement + founder of the Women's EntreprenuHERs Brunch
Nicolby Clay, Hairstylist (including Celebrity) and founder of Royal Romance Hair Co. 

Let me first start off by saying that it is so crucial to surround yourself with individuals who have the same aspirations to excel in business as you do. Not only did these ladies provided tons of insightful information, they also shared what they learned on their journey of entrepreneurship. As a publicist, Lindsey's advice for those looking to work with others (or when building clientele), is to ensure that your personalities will match before doing business. Avoid trying to partner with people just because of social media or what you think they can do for you, but instead make sure that both of your brands will match. This will save future headaches down the line!

For those who are building your business, celebrity interviewer/branding expert Tara G. Anderson advises that you perfect your operation and have a plan. With consistency being a key focal point, also make sure that you understand what your added value is within your market. The EntreprenuHERS brunch founder herself Milan pointed out that delivering an experience for your consumer is key. You want to make sure that regardless of what happens, you ensure that they are provided the best service you can. Finally, hairstylist Nicolby shared that its best to start where you are and keep going/growing. With business a lot of it is trial and error so you have to make sure that you don't give up along the way. Be sure to go the extra mile & push through! 


I was also able to have a one on one with a few of the ladies to dive deeper into either how they got started within their businesses or advice they have for those who aspire to own their own business. Cool right?

Tara Gates Anderson

Through Tara's interview I learned that becoming a Celebrity Interviewer fell into her lap. It was through the encouragement of her friend, who was looking for someone to cover the ASCAP awards red carpet, that Tara got her start with larger events and took off since then! "I felt like I was in my element when I was there, I felt like it just came natural." she stated. With interviewing individuals such as Timberland and Marlon Wayans, Anderson was able to forge her way through the industry and make her mark on the red carpet. While she didn't know she would find herself as a celebrity interviewer, she did state that sometimes you may not know where you'll end up but instead, your gifts would be bestowed upon you. 

When asked who her favorite celebrity to interview was, Tara's choice was actor Don Cheadle. She shared how well the interview flowed because it felt like more of a conversation. Her reason for loving what she does? "Because I'm able to give opportunities to other people. I literally want to be in service to others with what ever I'm doing. I can't get to where I am without bringing somebody else up." Between bringing ladies on the red carpet with her to providing connections, Tara ensures that she is pulling those who have similar aspirations up along with her. If thats girl boss material then I don't know what is!

Milan Mobley

With Milan being the founder of the brunch, I knew I had to ask her what she felt like it took to be a bomb EntreprenuHER. She quickly stated; dedication, consistency, patience, a wonderful support system, innovation, and creativity. I know I can personally attest to those being fundamental pieces as an entrepreneur and even if you lack just one of these you will be able to see that in your business. "You really have to be able to think quick on your toes as an entrepreneur and be creative while staying up to date with trends." she also states. When asked what one piece advice she would give someone who either aspires to become a publicist or create something so great as EntreprenuHER, Milan believes that you need to gain the experience. Regardless of how much knowledge you've obtained, without experience you may not know how to fully utilize the knowledge that you have ato push through. "Get those internships and volunteer. You'll have to do work for free sometimes, but don't do it so often that you don't know your worth." Wise Words Milan!

Nicolby Clay

As Nicolby started off her business fairly young, she's been blessed to grow along with her business. When asked what she believes it takes to own your own business she stated dedication, consistency, and prayer. "These three things have carried me this far and what I can say is that you have to persevere through all of those road blocks and overcome the obstacles that you may face." I also agree 100 percent with Nicolby on this one! As a fabulous hairstylist, her favorite thing about doing hair and owning a hair line is the effect that she has on her clients. She loves being able to contribute to them feeling good about themselves. "I know I am able to touch them in a way that will last." As she services her different clients she also feels like she's a hair therapist as well due to her being able to chat with them about their lives and give a sense of escape. Being in charge of her own success as a business owner and having the opportunity to create generational wealth is Nicolby's reasoning as to why she loves owning her own business. You go Nicolby! 

So I have to admit that this event was literally what I needed to give me an even further push within the realm of entrepreneurship and provided clarity with life. These ladies not only provided tons of gems to everyone in attendance but they were also real about it all. No sugarcoating or concealing went down at the EntreprenuHER brunch. But instead it was filled with raw emotion, tons of tips, and real insight from these fabulous business owners. Did I mention the food was bomb too? Thank you so much Milan for creating an awesome opportunity such as EntreprenuHER and I can't wait until next years brunch!

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