How To Prepare Your Body For Spring

Today's post is a contribution from guest writer Amy Mia Goldsmith. She Shares 8 tips on how to prepare your body for spring. 

Fresh, blooming, and vibrant – spring is the loveliest season that makes us feel awake after a long, dormant winter. Everything around us looks lively and colorful, and the burst of energy we get motivates us to get things done, revise all our New Year’s resolutions and get our plans back on track. Have you promised yourself you’ll work on your body? Well, if you have, now would be the time to revise your goals and think of a new strategy. Use the positive atmosphere of spring to inspire yourself, and let us give you some tips on how to get your body ready for the warm months!

1. Start with Healthy Food

There is simply no way to be healthy if all you ever eat is junk food and snacks, and if you feel tired, achy, and grumpy all the time, it’s possible that your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs. Spring is a great time to start eating better because there’ so much fresh produce on the markets and you can cook with more ease. We recommend that you start switching to an organic lifestyle if possible and really commit to feeding your body with quality food. To make this easier, you can prepare meals in advance, and you can get a slow cooker – they’re very easy to use. Chop some veggies and some meat in the evening, leave it overnight, and you’ll wake up to a fresh, healthy meal!

2. More Sunscreen

This is really important, especially if you spend a lot of time outside. Regardless of your skin tone, you need sunscreen, especially when it’s sunny outside. Protect your face, your arms, and the back of your neck with a thick layer of sunscreen and you’ll avoid premature wrinkles.

3. Go on a Bike Ride

The weather is just too beautiful to stay cooped up inside. So, why not grab a bike and go cycling? You could go alone or invite a friend and ride together as you let your body fill up with fresh air and your legs shape up while you have fun. Cycling is immensely beneficial for our cardiovascular health, so we recommend that you do it at least once a week to get all the benefits. 

4. Time to Hit the Gym with Full Force

If you want to prep your body for summer, spring is the time to start! Going to the gym is a great way to slim down, tone your body, and simply start feeling stronger and healthier. To make it really effective, it’s important to be consistent. Do everything to inspire yourself to keep coming back regularly – wear cute gym clothes, write every gym day down in your schedule, make a long-term plan, find a fitness instructor and make tasty shakes to recharge you after a workout. Shakes are particularly important because nutrition is very much related to exercise, and mixing up a shake with fruits and a good protein powder can help you replenish your strength. It will also help your body burn fat faster and build more muscle, so you’ll be toned all over. 

5. Visit a Skin Clinic

Treat yourself! Book an appointment with your aesthetician and have them rejuvenate your face with microdermabrasion or a chemical peel. You can also try laser hair removal. This is a good time to have it done if you want to be ready for summer. 

6. At-Home Pampering

Pick a day where you have some free time in the evening, and use it as a spa day. Do a full-body scrub with a dry brush (right before you shower), and have a long, luxurious bath. Put some Epsom salts and olive oil in it to really feel like a goddess. Relax and enjoy some facial masks as you lounge in the bath, letting the hot water soothe your body.

7. Mind Decluttering

All those worries on your mind that are not letting you sleep? Write them down in a journal. Do it right before bed, then close the journal and leave them there. Another thing that can help is meditation – even if it’s only 5 minutes long. Settle down, close your eyes, and focus on your breath until your mind clears and the tension eases. 

8. Social Media Detox

We often forget that the world won’t crash and burn if we don’t check our Twitter feed for a day. Forget your phone at home one day and go outside. Spend the whole time looking at people and talking to them instead of pausing to show them a funny video or read the comments on your Facebook post. Get away from social media drama and look at the world around you.

Enjoyed our tips? Spring is a good time to remember how important our own health is, and how no one will take care of it unless we do. Treat your body kindly and work to make yourself feel good because there’s nothing better than being full of energy, motivation, and self-confidence. 

Thank you Amy Mia for sharing these great tips! Be sure to check out her contributions to highstylife and follow her on Twitter @GoldsmithMia

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