3 Things Entrepreneurship Has Taught Me

One of the most rewarding yet overwhelming aspects of my life definitely has to be being an entrepreneur. From the hours (and I mean hours) of work to having to juggle multiple tasks, I can say that there is a lot that goes into having your own business. While being a girl boss isn't easy, especially owning a service based business in a field that is constantly changing (We own a marketing + content creation business), it surely is rewarding. Today I'm bringing you 3 things I've learned since becoming an entrepreneur and I hope it will benefit you all!

1. Creating a Routine is Crucial

Ya'll this is the TRUTH. One big piece of owning your own business is actually being effective in the services and/or products you provide. Without creating a set schedule for yourself you'll probably find yourself behind on work and overwhelmed with your load. Just as you have set times at a regular job it is important to give yourself a schedule for your business. Whether it's kick starting the day drinking tea and reading a magazine or setting out 2 hours out of your day after your full time job to dedicate to your business, creating a routine will eventually become second nature. If you work on your business full time, this also should include setting a time for you to have lunch and/or break. Since I balance quite a few different clients in our business, I dedicate time blocks to particular clients and only work on content for their brand. This not only keeps me organized but I'm definitely more effective and focused. 

2. Learning from Your Mistakes is Key

Guess what? We're human, which of course means that naturally we all make mistakes. No one is perfect (in life period) but I have learned that since being an entrepreneur it is important to learn from each and every mistake. Instead of spending time dwelling on what you did wrong, take out the time to determine how to make the situation right and how you can avoid one like it in the future. I learned early in owning our business that you have to own up to the mishaps that may happen, even those that aren't in your control.

3. You Can't do Everything in Your Business 

I can admit that it took me a little bit to get hip to this one here. Since we own a creative service based business, in the very beginning I found myself wanting to do all of the work since it is of course my passion. One thing that I learned is that in order to grow your business you need to focus on expansion and outsourcing tasks. If all of your time goes into your brand you'll quickly find yourself spread way too thin and not as effective. Adding on additional members to our team not only helped our work flow but also took our business to the next level!

I enjoyed providing insight to you all and I hope this helps you all in your business endeavors!

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