Dealing with Failure in Your 20s


This is a tough topic for me to speak about because it’s always been a sensitive topic. 

I’ve been focused on goals for as long as I can remember and always try to accomplish every task put in front of me to the absolute best of my abilities. But, as humans, we sometimes fall short.

We don’t meet that expected mark.

We don’t live up to others expectations.

We make mistakes.

It’s so difficult as a very ambitious person to deal with failure. Whether it's noticeable or discreet, the mental effects alone can literally drive you insane - especially when you feel like you’ve failed yourself. Lately I’ve been reminding myself that as a 20 something year old, it’s okay not to be perfect. Heck, regardless of age, It. Is. 

Okay. Unfortunately the expectations we put on ourselves paired with what others want from you can take a toll, even with these constant reminders. While I believe failure is relative, I think it’s first important to determine why you deem your situation as a failure.

Did you promise something that you couldn’t provide?
Did you set your sights on achieving your ultimate goal & find yourself questioning everything?
Did you put your all into everything & didn’t live up to the expectations of others?

You see, there are so many layers to this. It’s so much more than being down on yourself, it’s the WHY. After doing a ton of self reflection I realized that some of the things that I think I’ve failed at are based on expectations that I had for myself. 

Funny thing is, ultimately everything is not up to you. The path that you feel so strongly about just might not lead you to the final destination that you have planned. We have to remember that now is the time to explore and not let these "failures" deter you from moving forward. 

Start that busines. 
Enroll in that class. 
Start that idea that’s been burning on your heart. 

In fact, I believe failure will help shape you for success. It’s a constant reminder that as perfect as you think you are, you aren’t and that is just okay. Just remember, you'll be able to learn from these failures and can apply these experiences to all of your future endeavors.

You've got this!

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